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Gravity Rush Lives, And Other TGS Announcements From Sony


One of the most excellent video games Sony has ever released is Gravity Rush, but most people aren’t aware of this because it was a flagship game for the doomed Vita handheld (which is still for sale). This morning during Sony’s conference at the Tokyo Game Show, the console maker revealed that Gravity Rush would be plucked out of that black hole and be reintroduced on the Playstation 4.

Gravity Rush Remastered will be the new title of the orignal game, which has been reworked with PS4 controls and will debut later this year in Japan. A Western release was confirmed for later on. And there’s more coming: a Gravity Rush 2 is on the way, due out in Japan sometime in 2016.

(In Japan the series is referred to as Gravity Daze.)

There were more announcements from Sony at TGS. They reintroduced their virtual reality headset, previously called Project Morpheus but now referred to as Playstation VR. They also announced several VR games that would be playable on the TGS show floor: Final Fantasy 14 Online, Summer Lesson, Kitchen, Dynasty Warriors 7 VR demo, Rigs, Joysound VR, and Hatsune Miku VR Tech demo.

Sony also announced they are dropping the Playstation 4 price in Japan (for the 500GB model, anyway) down to 34,980 Yen. There is no word if this means a price cut for the American Playstation, but it is long overdue and its competitors have slashed their prices already.

Finally Sony announced the Playstation 4 would be sold in several different new colors: gold, silver, “steel black” and crystal, the latter being a see-through shell the guts of the controller can be observed through. If you lived in the 90’s you’re no doubt familiar with this concept.

As for announcements on other games, there were too darn many to recount in this space. Look for detailed overviews of them in future posts as TGS continues.