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Gotham Knights Team Talk Branching Off From Arkham Universe

Gotham Knights

There were a plethora of announcements at DC Fandome last week that truly spanned the DC Comics multiverse, but among them were two games that got revealed. A Suicide Squad game by Rocksteady, and the title Gotham Knights made by WB Games Montreal. The latter of which is aiming to tell a very different kind of Batman game by having Batman killed (presumably by the Court of Owls) and giving the signal to other members of the Bat-Family that they are in charge of keeping Gotham safe.

Now, what many were curious about was whether these games were officially tied to the Arkham games (of which WB Games made the “prequel” game Arkham Origins), but they are not, they are set in their own Batman universe. Which apparently is what the team wanted. ComicBook.com got to talk with Creative Director Patrick Redding and revealed that they were fine with going out of the Arkham universe because that trilogy of games was “so beloved” that this gave them freedom to do their own things.

Which led them to the choice to kill of Batman and use his original four sidekicks/partners in Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood to pick up the mantel and fight for the city. Especially since each of them had branched off into their own paths of justice and had their own unique fighting style.

Which further fueled the story of Gotham Knights in that this group of characters would have to evolve even more if they were to go and save the city with Batman now gone. And as the first trailer (and subsequent gameplay video) revealed, they’re going to have their hands full with many villains, branching storylines, and more.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the game is in full when Gotham Knights releases in 2021.