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Gotham Knights Dev Talks Bringing In The Court Of Owls

Gotham Knights

There had been teases of a new Batman game coming from the team behind Arkham Origins, but what it was exactly was unknown. Then, at the recent DC Fandome, we got confirmation that WB Games Montreal was working on Gotham Knights. In this new game, you’ll play in a Gotham where Batman has died, and Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin must rise up to save the city from threats that are coming from all sides now that Batman is gone. One of the key antagonists though…is the Court of Owls.

For those who don’t know, the Court of Owls are a rather recent part of DC Comics lore, they came in via The New 52 through the main Batman title written by Scott Snyder. They’re an ancient group tied to the very roots of Gotham and have various members of wealth in the group, as well as ancient and deadly assassins known as The Talons at their beck and call.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, creative director Patrick Redding revealed why the team thought that Gotham Knights would be better as a Court of Owls storyline versus a “typical Rogues Gallery” storyline like the Arkham Titles had.

According to him, this was a perfect counterbalance to what was happening in the game. The former sidekicks of Batman are the “young bloods” trying to take on the city with their mentor gone. The “antithesis” of that is the Court of Owls, who are very old, very ingrained in the city and are obviously very corrupt. The Court sees Batman’s death as an opening to reveal themselves once again and that these “children” won’t be able to stand up to them.

Though the Court of Owls has been touched upon in live-action via Gotham and in the animated universe via Batman vs Robin, they’ve never truly been brought into video games…until Gotham Knights comes out in 2021.