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Good News: The Cuphead Show Won’t Be As Short As We Thought


We’ve been eagerly waiting for The Cuphead Show ever since Netflix first announced it back in 2019….so when we saw the episode count for what premieres next month, we felt a bit let down. Just twelve episodes at twelve minutes apiece. A three year wait for 144 minutes?

That’s what the press release said, with no indication of a Season Two, and if we got it, would it take another three years to make another 12-to-the-power-of-2 minutes of content?

A new interview published by Animation Magazine has thankfully clarified things. Series creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer — who also created the video game the series is based on — revealed 36 episodes of The Cuphead Show were in the initial order, and Netflix is just releasing the first twelve while holding the rest for later.

The interview also contains a lot of insight into the creation of the series. Some purists complained that the animation in the trailer didn’t look EXACTLY like 1930s animation. We admit we could “smell the Harmony” in those clips as well, but the staff confessed going for 100% authenticity would have made the series take even longer than three years to come together.

Managing director Claire Finn told AM “We adapted our digital cut-out animation pipeline incorporating a lot of hand-drawn, traditionally animated elements to recreate the 1930s rubber hose style. We added highly detailed frame-by-frame, hand-drawn lighting and 2D effects to the episodes and finished them off with some composited cel shadow to create that Cuphead look the show’s creators were after.”

There was another factor besides budget: the fact that the kind of comic timing we expect from a cartoon actually originated in the 1940s, not the 1930s. Were the characters to move exactly at Fleischer speed, it would be much slower than audiences are used to and some jokes wouldn’t land as well. So they sped it up.

Despite all these obstacles, the team WAS able to bring in ONE authentic animation trick from the 1930s that hasn’t been seen since: the use of live-action models for 3D backgrounds. “Our opening shot of the cottage of Cuphead is a stereoscopic shot which was completely built in miniature form on a soundstage and has 2D animation tracked on top,” says art director Andrea Fernandez. “It was one of the most exciting parts about the show.”

Dave Wasson (Mickey Mouse Shorts) is producing The Cuphead Show alongside Cosmo Segurson (Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling), with episodes being directed by Adam Paloian (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Clay Morrow (Mickey Mouse Shorts). The first twelve episodes will premiere on Netflix February 18.