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Good Goliath Stomps Into Your House In Spring 2020


Despite what you see on the news every day, there is good in the world, for example, there is “Good Goliath” – arriving on PlayStation VR, Oculus and Vive this spring.


Once upon a time in “Good Goliath”-land, a gentle giant wakes from a deep slumber to discover himself under attack by a tiny angry mob. With no real weapons to defend himself, the giant must use anything that he can in order to survive. In “Good Goliath”, you play as the besieged giant and battle against hordes of pitchfork wielding villagers, cavalry mounted soldiers, and flying devilish imps.


With wave-based tower defense gameplay you are the tower as you catch and dodge pitchforks, barrels, and other weapons as they are launched and even grab some of those tiny villagers out of the air as they launch themselves and use them to knock out their friends. Also, did we mention that you can throw Great White sharks at them and other enemy objects? Because you absolutely can!


“Good Goliath” emerges from Knocktwice Games, a San Diego-based company led by former Disney and PlayStation veterans. Key features include…


  • Full Campaign: Fight your way through medieval worlds, oceans overrun with pirates, and the realms of the underworld as you explore nine levels teeming with both mini and massive bosses. Seek out hidden treasure in order to unlock new sets of whimsically themed hands to customize your experience.
  • Enemies Are Your Ammo: Give a taste of their own medicine to them as you can use angry little villagers as both ammunition and defense. Also, you can use pitchforks and barrels to defend yourself, as well as catch the tiny humans that launch themselves at you and throw ‘em back! Your ammo is only limited by what or who you can catch. [But not everyone is your enemy – keep your eye out for your friendly neighborhood baker floating through levels with some cake to help you get back to tip-top health].
  • Storybook-Style Comical Worlds: Dive into themed biomes, such as Medieval, Pirate, and Hell World, each filled with unique bosses and enemies.
  • Multi-Staged Bosses: Survive waves of tiny enemies on every level, leading to formidable mini-bosses that include fire-tossing flying witches and boulder throwing giants. Each world culminates in a gigantic standoff against a challenging monstrous boss where you battle creatures even larger than you!
  • Gameplay Objectives: Unlock special objectives, locate secrets in each level, and earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies.