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GONZO Announces Its Own P2P Experiment


Studio GONZO’s parent company GDH has announced a unique new Peer-to-Peer downloading service that will be run from their own website. Speedgrapher and Project PAPO are the test series for this new service. Full episodes of Speedgrapher will retail for 500 yen for a standard definition file through January 31st and 1000 yen after that. Speedgrapher in high definition will retail for 750 yen through January 31st and 1500 yen after that.

Project PAPO, a series made up of mini episodes at 2.5 minutes each from GONZO’s experimental division Gonzo Rosso, will retail for 150 yen for standard, high and ultra-high definition. Project PAPO is about a mysterious robot that uses sound as a weapon. The files will be copy protected and the project is scheduled to last one year.

source: http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/11825.html