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Godzilla vs Kong Gets Shrek “Crossover” That Has Fans Begging For More

Godzilla vs Kong

If you somehow haven’t heard, one of the biggest movies out there in the world right now is that of Godzilla vs Kong. The movie is the culmination of the three previous films of the “Monsterverse” that was building up a clash of the literal titans. The movie itself has done an incredible job both in the global box office (which more or less officially “re-opened” with this film) as well as boosting HBO Max’s viewership levels to another all-time high. Without a doubt though the best part about the film is the clash between Godzilla and Kong.

Throughout the film, the two massive beasts fight a total of three times (or “rounds” as they note in the film) and the the final two matches take place in a very bright cityscape. Naturally, the soundtrack for that fight was powerful, intense, and befitting two monsters.

However, someone had the idea to put a…different song in the mix. Mainly, they decided to put “I Need A Hero” from Shrek 2 (the cover version sung by Jennifer Saunders) and the results…speak for themselves.

Yeah, it does work well, and people really can’t get enough of it as about 500,000 people have seen this clip and loved it, and it’s not hard to go and see why.

This kind of animation “splicing” if you will is rather common in the world as fans love to play around with things and see what else could be used to bring emotional impact or fun to a situation.

As for the future of the Monsterverse beyond Godzilla vs Kong that’s a bit up in the air. There’s no doubt that the movie is a success, and the director of the film wants to do more with this universe (and have less humans in it) but whether the studios involved want to continue on or leave this with a beloved film, it’s hard to say.