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Godfall Is First Game Announced For PlayStation 5


Sony’s PlayStation 5 is arriving next year and knowing you will need some PS5-exclusive games to play on it when it arrives, the reveal of “Godfall” was announced as the first game for the PS5 for the “Holiday” 2020 time frame.


“Godfall” is described as a third-person fantasy looter-slasher game with a focus on melee combat. While the saying is “defense wins championships” the creators of “Godfall” are ignoring that and no matter who you are fighting, offensive maneuvers will be rewarded more than defensive maneuvers. Heavy emphasis will also be placed on gear acquisition as well as increasing your skill level which, in turn, will help you amass your huge quantities of loot.


You may fight solo or as two-player or three-player teams but if you fight as teams, the enemy attack dynamic will change from the solo battles.