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“Glass Ceiling”: A New Crowdfunded Animated Short

glass ceiling

“Glass Ceiling” is a cartoon short now under production at the Savannah College of Art and Design, directed and Produced by Cierra Maach (currently a Senior at Savannah). Cierra is commanding a twenty-two member team, made up of her classmates, to work on the animation.

It’s an abstract short where a man and a woman are standing in a box separated by a large sheet of glass. The metaphor is obvious, especially with the title, but unlike the usual portrayal when this issue is brought up, the male character isn’t a jerk and is fully willing to help the female character get over the ceiling. The problem becomes accomplishing that when the ceiling is literally right there between them.

“It’s about teamwork and overcoming adversity,” says Cierra. “However, it also reinforces the idea that men and women are equally capable of tipping the balance.”

Work is mostly still in sketch and storyboard form at this point, and the Kickstarter is young as well, with 21 days to go. Cierra and her crew aren’t asking for much…..$1000 for the use of an external render farm to make the short look nice. With your support, the team should be able to complete “Glass Ceiling” by June 2017.