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Giants And Dragons Beware: Rafael Rosado Is Out There


Columbus Alive! has published a profile of Rafael Rosado, animation industry veteran who has stacked up Animaniacs, The Venture Bros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and countless others on his resume. But if you ask him what his real passion is, he’ll point to a drawing of a short redhead girl with a wooden sword.

The girl is Claudette, the central figure of Rosado’s debut graphic novel Giants Beware! Though he’s happy to have the steady work in animation, comics are his real passion, especially the kind that doesn’t get any attention in America. Meaning: comics that are funny, comics that are happy, comics that are self-contained stories. (And, if you want this reporter’s opinion, comics that are better for these reasons.)

Rosado tried to get into the superhero-drawing business, but it just wasn’t clicking for him. While he repeatedly sent sketches of popular muscular men, and repeatedly got rejection slips back, his mind kept going to a loudmouthed redhead he kept drawing instead. He decided he had to pursue what felt more natural. His first stab at that dream, Giants Beware!, attracted enough attention to make a sequel possible, Dragons Beware! That sequel will see release next month.

“Believe me, I’d rather be drawing Claudette all day,” Rosado said. “When I have a solid stretch where I’m drawing Claudette for days, I’m the happiest. As soon as I get back into it, it’s like I’m back with my friends.”


As someone who’s been storyboarding for decades, Rosado found it natural to apply what he learned about cartoon pacing to comic pacing. “It’s not like you translate one from the other, but there are a lot of elements that overlap from storyboards [to comics]. You learn how to set up a scene and what’s important, what’s the one set piece you need to feature. When I do these comics too, I like to show a lot of acting and play things out over several panels to show the character’s motions. That definitely comes from my animation work.”

You can read the full profile and interview at the website for Columbus Alive. Dragons Beware! will be available at most bookselling merchants starting May 12. Giants Beware! is available now.