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Giant-Sized Info On Pokemon Sword And Shield

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What did Nintendo and Game Freak reveal about Pokemon Sword and Shield this morning during the latest Direct? For starters, the Pokemon are bigger than ever….literally.

The defining characteristic of the Galar region, which you’ll be exploring this fall, is the ability of its Pokemon to temporarily grow to mammoth size. The ability is called Dynamax, all Pokemon in Galar can do it, and it makes for some weighty battles that take advantage of the series’ move to living room TVs.

And speaking of the Switch graphics, they look great. The top-down perspective has been done away with and for the first time you’re given a freely controllable camera. Instead of seeing only a few feet in front of you, you can scope out the entire distance between one town and another, and see the Pokemon crawling around in the distance — which will be different depending on the weather (yes, weather has been added too).

Several new Pokemon were introduced during the Direct: sheep Wooloo, flower type Gossifleur, chomper Drednaw, ravenlike Corviknight (who you can use to travel between towns), and Gossifleur’s evolved form Eldegoss. We were also introduced to the two new Legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta, who look like a cross between lions and foxes. One has a sword in its mouth and the other has a mane like a shield….appropriately enough.

We also got a solid release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield: November 15. Before the video signed off, Game Freak mentioned that for the first time, it will be possible to buy both versions of the new Pokemon generation in one package….but more details would be revealed later on that.

You can watch the entire Pokemon Direct below.