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Get Excited: Dr. Stone New Manga Volume And New Season Coming This Year!

Vol. 26 was the last volume of the manga.

Get exited! There’s a ten billion percent chance of new Dr. Stone content coming out this year. Despite everybody believing the manga was officially over, it has just now been announced that we will be having a twenty-seventh volume according to the official Shonen Jump website. There is speculation that the manga volume will compile the spinoff manga Dr. Stone: 4D Science, which involved protagonist Senku attempting to invent a time machine with the power of science. There has been no official confirmation that this spinoff is indeed what will comprise volume twenty-seven, so we get another surprise entirely. The official release date for this new volume of the manga will be April 4th.

The revelation of a new manga volume comes slightly a month after the reveal of a new season, which will be the climactic final season. The final season entitled, Science Future is due to air sometime this year, although there has yet to be a firm release date. It is not yet officially known if the contents of volume twenty-seven will make it into the anime adaptation, but the content of that volume will most likely be published well in advance of season four airing.

For those who missed it, here is the trailer to the highly-anticipated final season:


The episode count for the final season has yet to be revealed and it is hard to guess because of the inconsistent lengths of the seasons. Season one had twenty-four episodes, season two had eleven episodes, and season three had twenty-two episodes split into two eleven episode cours with a four month break in between cours. We also cannot rule out the possibility of an in-between season special airing, such as the double-length Ryusui special that aired between seasons two and three. Because of how much manga content is left, it is most likely that the season will be double cour.

Fans will definitely be hyped for a new manga volume and a final season and will eagerly await what the mysterious contents of that volume are. This will be a landmark year for the franchise and possible end for it. It is ten billion percent a huge deal.

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