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gen:LOCK Gets Second Season And Heads To HBO Max


Rooster Teeth may have started out as a basic internet content company via Red vs. Blue, but over the past 17 years they’ve evolved into something much more, having all sorts of original content like Death Battle, RWBY, Camp Camp, and now, gen:LOCK. The highly-touted mech-fighting anime took the internet by storm when it was announced, in no small part thanks to its amazing voice cast that included Michael B. Jordan, Dakota fanning, David Tennant, and more.

And now, Rooster Teeth’s parent company Warner Bros Media has announced that not only is gen:LOCK being picked up for a second season, it’ll have its debut on the brand new streaming service HBO Max.

“We’re beyond excited to be producing a second season of gen:LOCK for HBO Max,” declared Rooster Teeth co-founder and Chief Content Officer Matt Hullum in a statement. “Billy Wee and the team at HBO Max have been incredibly supportive in the development process, and we’re thrilled to be working closely with them on this project. We were blown away by the response to the first season of this show, both by the Rooster Teeth community and the Adult Swim audience, and cannot wait to bring it to more fans of action, sci-fi, and mecha animation.”

The debut will be locked to HBO Max for 90 Days, and after that it’ll be viewable on the Rooster Teeth site and possibly Toonami.