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Generator Rex – “Six Minus Six” Recap


Six loses his memories and reverts to a heartless mercenary while trying to restore Rex’s.”

This week, things begin as Caesar, Rex’s eccentric scientist brother, is about to begin testing his newest invention: a device that is able to retrieve forgotten memories. Rex, eager as always to remember more of his past, volunteers to be Caesar’s human guinea pig. During the initial test, things go awry and it looks as though the machine will reboot Rex’s already fractured memory rather than repair it. Agent Six steps in to save Rex, but his efforts backfire when he ends up having his own memory partially rebooted to five years prior. Rex and company have to acquaint themselves with the younger Six: a ruthless, selfish and antisocial mercenary who is much more prone to unnecessary acts of violence than he is to reasoning. From here, the situation becomes hectic as Six must decide whether he wants to rediscover the man he had become, or to remain the mean spirited mercenary that he has reverted to. 

It must be said that I had a pretty good time watching this episode. I’ve always found Six to be one of the more interesting characters of this series, and I welcome any opportunities that we are given to get insight into the mystery of the character. With episodes like Promises, Promises and Divided by Six we have seen flashbacks and hints revealing bits of Six’s backstory, but I believe that this is the most that the series has shown of the man Agent Six was before he became Rex’s mentor. I expected to see more of his violent side (he’s the sixth most dangerous person on Earth for a reason), but I never imagined that he was the loose cannon and womanizer that he is revealed to be here. After being constantly exposed to the reserved and collected Six, it was a bit of a system shock to see just how far the character had come in his life since meeting Rex. It was also a nice change of pace to see the usual roles reversed when Rex actually steps up to become the more responsible partner as he tries his hardest to contain the uncontrollable Six. We’re able to see just a little more maturing on Rex’s part as he puts his concern for Six at the forefront, even as Six is proving to be a danger to not only Rex but to everyone that crosses his path. Rex’s determination in bringing Six back to the side of the angels really helped to show the character in a better light than some of the series’ earlier episodes have. Compared to the changed Six, the freewheeling Rex is shown to be very selfless when he needs to be. Meanwhile with Agent Six as the main focus, this episode’s action scenes proved to be constantly kinetic and fast-paced.

After years of watching everything revert to normal by the end of an episode such as this one, it certainly was surprising when the status quo didn’t make a full return this time around. I think this leaves room for many interesting story beats, and I hope that the shows staff will capitalize on this. It would be disappointing to see this concept of a less refined Six squandered, so I look forward to seeing more of him as he teams with Rex throughout the rest of the season. After last week’s lackluster episode, Six Minus Six was able to get the series back on track and I can only hope that the next episode won’t disrupt this flow.