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Generator Rex – “Guy vs. Guy” Recap


“Rex plans a prank on Noah and ropes Bobo into his scheming.

In the latest episode of Generator Rex, Rex and Noah engage in an ever-escalating prank war that Rex is becoming desperate to win. As he’s constantly failing to get the upper hand on Noah Rex eventually turns to Bobo for help, but Bobo’s ruthless approach to pranking may land Rex in much deeper trouble than he anticipated. When Noah asks for a one night truce so that he can go on a date with his crush Claire, Bobo determines that this will be the perfect opportunity for him and Rex to strike. Bobo sets a very intricate prank in motion, involving hazardous material that he managed to “borrow” from Dr. Holiday’s lab. The situation soon backfires on Rex and Bobo when they learn just how dangerous this material is and that they also have no idea how to control it.

“Guy vs Guy” is just another part of the tradition of maligned comedic episodes of Generator Rex, but I found the end result to be more forgettable than dreadful. While it’s not the funniest thing in the world, I didn’t find anything here offensive or obnoxious enough to warrant hate and the humor, while juvenile, just comes across as very tame. Rex and Bobo seem stuck in a tired premise and I think time could have been much better used showing Rex dealing with something or someone that was actually dangerous or interesting. I don’t usually object to seeing the occasional filler episode, but this is one time where I sincerely wish this episode has been used as an opportunity to further the show’s continuity. As it is, the episode comes across as a wasted effort that is not particularly entertaining and doesn’t add any dimension to any of its characters. It’s the sort of episode that I believe this series can’t afford to have too many of at this point.