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Generator Rex – “Crash and Burn” Recap


“Rex gets involved in underground motorcycle racing.”
This time, Generator Rex delves into the world of underground racing as Rex crosses paths with a group of young and reckless bike racers. The story begins as Rex decides to get his mind off of his exit from the Providence organization, and the move into the team’s new headquarters, by cruising the highway on his trademark nanite hoverbike. Things quickly take a turn for the bizarre as he rides into the midst of an armed biker gang, who are battling each other as they compete in races. Mistaking Rex for one their own, one of the bikers fires rockets at him from his weaponized motorcycle after Rex tries to get his attention. Deciding not to let this deter him, Rex continues to follow the bikers as he watches them wreak havoc on each other and their bikes.

After one of the bikers is downed, Rex stops to investigate and makes the startling discovery that the biker is infected with active nanites. He then takes him to the new HQ where he can be examined by Dr. Holiday. While feeling poorly equipped to do a proper examination, Holiday is still able to determine that the young biker is being poisoned by the nanites that are infecting his body. Rex decides to go in search of the biker’s gang to learn more. Using a scanning device tuned to finding others giving off the same nanite evergy as the boy, Rex is able to once again find the gang as they’re racing on city streets. After gaining their attention and introducing himself, Rex joins the racers as they continue with their dangerous game. When more bikers begin to succumb to nanite poisoning, Rex learns that the cause of this is the special nanite supercharger that the gang powers their tricked out bikes with. This leads him to the supplier of the superchargers, a psychopathic biker named Valve. In order to stop Valve’s lethal trade, Rex challenges him to a high stakes race that will determine the fate of the superchargers.

It is a weakness of mine, but I’m always a sucker for on-screen race and chase scenes. As this episode is full of those, it managed to keep my attention as I watched Rex and the teenage bike gang zip from here to there while trying to knock each other off of the road. I thought these road scenes stuck out as visually stimulating and remained the highlight of the episode throughout. This definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for one of the “deeper” episodes of the show but its fast pace helped to keep it from feeling too dull, even during the climactic clash with the episode’s lackluster antagonist. The only thing resembling development here dealt with Rex finally pushing through his perceived limits and gaining the ability to use more than one of his nanite creations at a time (in this case, it was simultaneously using both a weapon and a vehicle). While this was a logical progression for the character there was a lack of any visible struggle in getting there, so it just seemed to be handled too neatly. One thing that surprised me was that a standalone episode like this would come so soon after the recent changes in the show’s status quo, and before viewers became fully familiarized with those changes. By the end, while the episode manged to entertain, there just didn’t feel like there was much to warrant repeat viewings besides the eye candy of the race scenes.