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Generator Rex – “Back In Black” Recap


“Rex visits an alternate future in which the Black Knight is the head of Providence.”

Things are getting pretty strange for Rex as he has to become acquainted with Providence’s new management: Kinder and gentler but definitely stranger than what he was previously accustomed to. Black Knight, the new head of Providence, seems to have a much, much warmer approach as leader than White Knight but this only helps to make Rex’s recovery from his accidental time jump (seen during Lions and Lambs) all the more disorienting. White Knight has supposedly gone out in a suicidal blast, and Agent Six and Doc Holiday are in areas unknown, searching for Rex themselves. There don’t seem to be any other familiar faces around Providence than Caesar and Bobo the chimp but they don’t seem to be quite themselves. Even after being given more freedom to operate however he wishes, Rex’s uneasiness with the new Providence leads him to snoop around the headquarters. After learning more than he is supposed to know, Rex rebels and finds himself fighting in order to escape the new Providence’s clutches.

With this episode, the Generator Rex crew attempt to quickly move through the process of getting the viewer up to date on most of the changes that took place during Rex’s six-month time jump. I wouldn’t have minded if they had taken a little more time to build up the mystery behind Black Knight and the rest of the new Providence before they decided to make Rex go “rogue,” but I do think that the way they went about it managed to get the job done. I like the idea of Black Knight and I think that her portrayal was handled pretty well, but I just feel as though something more could have been done to play up the intrigue surrounding the character. I suppose that there will be a lot time for the show’s staff to do more about that. It will be particularly interesting to see why it was so easy for Caesar to side with Black Knight against his brother. Since his introduction, there have been hints to indicate that the character might be shadier than he would appear but I hope that writers will be willing to show a little more of his inner workings.

The action choreography during this episode wasn’t anything particularly special but I did enjoy seeing the new Providence elite guard in action. Nameless Providence agents tend to be nothing more than cannon fodder on this show, so it was refreshing to see these guys actually holding their own in a fight, especially against Rex.  If they can prove to be more of a threat in future episodes, it will be all the better. I found the ending of this episode to be just a little ambiguous regarding Rex’s current status as a government sponsored operative but I can only imagine that we’ll learn more regarding those details soon enough. Hopefully the next few episodes won’t deviate from this storyline but they will continue to reveal more about Rex’s battle with the Providence hierarchy.