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Gears Of War 5 Giving Option To Players To Have Batista As Marcus Fenix


Sometimes, a game and a character comes along that you just can’t help but resonate with. For Gears of War fans, that would be one of its main characters, Marcus Fenix. The super-tough soldier is one of the true key pillars of the franchise and there were even rumors of a Gears of War movie coming around because of him and the games themselves. And one very big fans of Marcus Fenix is former wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Batista. Who is getting his dream wish of being Fenix via Gears of War 5.

How does that work? Well, if you recall, Gears of War 5 had Batista brought in as a special soldier for the multiplayer component. But now, they’re imposing that model onto Marcus Fenix, and letting Batista re-voice all of his lines so that it’ll be as if he really is Marcus Fenix.

The official Gears of War Twitter handle released a video detailing this. Check it out below.

Now, to be clear in case you didn’t catch it in the video, this is a choice when the update releases. So when you play GOW 5 you can either have the classic Marcus Fenix voice, or, you can pick Dave Batista. This is more about granting a wish than forcing a change.

It’s honestly kind of a nice thing to see happen, because as Batista noted, he REALLY wanted to be Marcus Fenix in some capacity for years, including trying to audition for it when the movie idea was floating around. So for him to get this is a dream come true.

As for the future of the franchise, that’s still a bit up in the air, everyone assumes Gears of War 6 is coming, especially with the Xbox Series X coming, but no word has been given on that as of yet.