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Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck Return To Comics


Two of Disney’s most popular TV creations from the 90s are returning, though in a different form than you might expect. Publishing company Dynamite has announced a comic book continuation of Gargoyles is planned for the future. On the same day this book was announced, Dynamite also revealed they have plans to launch a new Darkwing Duck comic.

Fear not, fans — Dynamite knows you won’t accept any continuation of Gargoyles without series creator Greg Weisman in the seat of power, and they’ve got him. It’s expected that the book will continue where the series left off, though WHERE is the question….because this is not the first time someone has tried to do this.

There was one previous attempt at continuing the Gargoyles saga (again with Wiseman in charge) from Slave Labor Graphics in 2006. The series lasted eighteen issues before an abrupt cancellation. It was reported at the time that the Gargoyles comic had to end because Disney increased its licensing fee and SLG did not want to pay extra.

It hasn’t been revealed if the new Gargoyles book will pick up where SLG left off or render it non-canon. But Dynamite has also announced “facsimile reprints” of older Gargoyles content, which could mean the SLG issues will be collected in anticipation of a continuation from that point.

While it’s been a long time since we last saw a Gargoyles comic book, Darkwing’s presence on the comics rack has been more active. Two separate companies have already printed Darkwing comics featuring brand-new content, both written and drawn by the same creative team of Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani. The second book picked up where the first left off and collectively, the story ran until 2017.

It’s unknown who is writing and illustrating the Duck Knight this time, but Sparrow and Silvani did a pretty amazing job and I would hire them for a third go-round, were I in charge of this. Also, as with Gargoyles, there will be reprints of previous Darkwing comics.

Gargoyles does not have a date, but Darkwing Duck will resume his superheroics in early 2023.