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Gargoyles Comic Book Kickstarter Funded In 24 Hours

Disney Gargoyles Series Volumes

Long out of print Gargoyles comics finally have a chance for a re-release. Thanks to a Kickstarter launched by Dynamite Entertainment on January 11th, funding was raised to remaster and release the two previous Gargoyles comic book series in graphic novel format to coincide with the show’s 30th anniversary.Disney Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Comic Collection

Featuring a cast of colorful medieval gargoyles who were frozen in stone for a thousand years only to wake up in modern day Manhattan, Gargoyles was a Disney animated series which became beloved for its mature drama, intense action, and long-form serialized storytelling. Premiering in 1994, Gargoyles ran for three seasons and ended in 1997. While the show was on the air, Marvel Comics produced a Gargoyles comic in 1995 that ran for 11 issues.

The end of the show and the Marvel series wasn’t the end of Gargoyles. Passionate fans kept the spirit alive through conventions helped along by series creator Greg Weisman, who is ever active in fan engagement. Gargoyles was revived in comic book form in 2006. Published by SLG/Amaze Ink, Gargoyles had a 12 issue run and its spin-off series, Gargoyles: Bad Guys, ran for 6 issues. It was written by Greg Weisman with art by Greg Guler, David Hedgecock, Stephanie Lostimolo, and various other artists.

SLG’s license to publish Gargoyles expired in 2008, and the comics went out of print. In a third attempt, Disney recently returned Gargoyles to the world of comic books. Once again helmed by Greg Weisman with interior art by George Kambadais and covers by loads of artists, Dynamite Entertainment began publishing Gargoyles comics in 2022. Covers to Dynamite Entertainment's Gargoyles comicsThe series was Dynamite’s top seller in 2022 and gained a spin-off series, Gargoyles: Dark Ages, in 2023. While the Marvel series wasn’t treated as canon, the Dynamite series picked up where the SLG comics left off. Fans were eager for more Gargoyles but found it too pricey, if not impossible, to get their hands on issues from the previous two runs. Until now.

Dynamite Entertainment launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to re-release every Marvel Disney Gargoyles by Dynamite Entertainmentand SLG Gargoyles comic book. Packaged as “Disney Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Comic Collection”, the project is comprised of three volumes. The first volume includes the entire Marvel run, the second is the SLG run, and the third volume is Gargoyles: Bad Guys. They plan to release these volumes in hardcover, softcover, signed hardcover, and deluxe hardcover editions.

The Kickstarter went live on January 11th with a $50,000 goal. Rewards for backing the project include limited edition #1’s from the Dynamite Series with special covers, original art by Amanda Conner and Jae Lee, comics signed by Greg Weisman, and even a 100th anniversary treasure chest Gargoyles set. Gargoyles art by Amanda Conner and Jae LeeThe Kickstarter was fully funded in less than 24 hours and has currently raised over 3 times its goal. The campaign is set to continue until February 12th.