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Gamescom 2017: New Trailer For Fire Emblem Warriors


Care to watch the new trailer for Nintendo’s next Fire Emblem game? You may be familiar with the mechanics and tropes of the series by now, so are you ready for something different?

Fire Emblem Warriors isn’t the typical turn-based strategy experience the FE brand promises. Instead it’s (intentionally) much like developer Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series, where your main goal is to mow down gigantic hordes of enemies as quickly as possible. Koei adapted the Dynasty Warriors mechanic for the Zelda universe in Hyrule Warriors two years ago; now they’re doing the same for Fire Emblem. Characters from across the Fire Emblem library will be playable in Warriors, including Marth, Leo, Takumi, Robin, Hinoka, Chrom and Camilla.

As with Hyrule Warriors before it, Fire Emblem Warriors is a cross-platform relase — it will be out for Nintendo Switch AND Nintendo 3DS at once. Believe it or not an exact US release date still hasn’t been confirmed, but since Europe is getting it on October 20, we can guess the US will be receiving it on that date or close to it.