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Gamescom 2017: The First 90 Seconds Of Shenmue 3

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When will the backers of Yu Suzuki’s half-crowdfunded dream project, Shenmue 3, get to see the results of his labor? How about now?

90 seconds of footage from the work-in-progress version of Shenmue 3 was released this afternoon at Gamescom. Are you prepared to be blown away by impressive spellbinding visuals? If so, you might want to tone down your expectations a bit. The backgrounds and Japanese villages look impressive, but when it comes to the cast….

….Yeah, I’m just as worried as you are, and we both have every right to be. So far, almost every single one of these crowdfunded revivals has bombed with the gaming public, either because the game was bad (Mighty No. 9) or people asked for a game out of the late 90’s and got angry when they received exactly that (Yooka-Laylee). If the Internet can’t handle a smartass collectathon platformer being released in 2017, imagine the riots there will be over a forklift simulator in 2018.

Even if Shenmue 3 is a great game, the press is going to crucify it if the character models look and move like that in the finished product. I did the math when I contributed my $60 and I was never expecting cutting edge visuals from their budget — not when the original Shenmue cost millions and millions of dollars and sorta looked similar to this. Your average reviewer stares at 4K high-poly 60fps models all day and won’t be as understanding.

But there’s still time! Shenmue 3 isn’t due out for Playstation 4 and PC until the back end of 2018 at the earliest, and if they have to delay the game again, I’ll understand. …I’ll really understand.