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Gamescom 2017: Attack On Titan 2 Announced By Koei


Did you assume we’d seen the last of Eren and Mikasa on the PS4? It’s hard to keep them down. Can Koei’s Attack On Titan 2 reach the heights of the muscular monstrosities themselves?

Last year Koei released the first Attack On Titan game for modern consoles, and soon they’ll be putting out a sequel courtesy of Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. Gameplay is expected to be much like the previous title — swing around human-hungry Titans with your Omni-Directional Manoeuver Gear and take your best shot at the napes of their necks (their only vulnerable spot). Koei is promising “an abundance of new gameplay mechanics” to spice things up, though it’s unknown what they mean at this time.

Those who’ve been watching the second season of the anime, which just completed its run on Toonami, will find similar story beats in this game. We don’t know yet what platforms it will wind up on, but PS4 is our safest guess.

Attack On Titan 2 should swing its way to consoles in early 2018. Here’s the announcement trailer….