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Gabrielle Union Talks Jamie Foxx’s Performance In Soul


Christmas was a very different kind of holiday this year because of the pandemic. Mainly because instead of going to theaters and watching things there, many people wanted to be safe and watched things at home. And for those that wanted a true family-friendly movie they had a perfect option in Disney Pixar’s Soul. The story of a musician who has a near-death experience from which he’s trying to get back from. It has an all-star cast including its main character being done by Jamie Foxx.

Soul was a very special film from the outset because it was a movie that featured Pixar’s first ever black lead, and so there was a lot of pressure to not just portray the character of Joe Gardner well, but also to make sure he wasn’t a “token character” if you will. Something that many films have struggled with in regards to characters in various races over the last few years. However, while the film does have flaws, many people think it’s a wonderful addition to the Pixar collection. One of the ones who have praised it happens to be Gabrielle Union. Who not only loved the movie, but loved how Jamie Foxx was in it.

High praise indeed, and there are many other reviews and praises just like it. Ironically, the film was released on Christmas to not just avoid delaying it again (it was supposed to release in Summer 2020 originally) but to give family’s something to look forward to watching together on Christmas. Pixar even noted they hoped to start a new “Christmas Tradition” of a sort depending on how people responded to the film.

There’s still a LOT of questions as to how 2021 is going to work in the movie industry, but if films like Soul and Wonder Woman 1984 are any indication, people are more than fine with having their films be at home with them at launch so they can experience them without any risks.