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G4 Ready To Unleash ‘Monkeys’ This Spring


Daily Variety reports that G4 TV has approved production and will announce today an order for 14 episodes of Adam de la Pena’s animated comedy “Code Monkeys”, set for a spring premiere.

The show, which revolves around an oddball group of 1980s game designers, will “literally look like a videogame,” according to de la Pena, who’s utilizing a visual style similar to that seen in early-generation Super Nintendo games. G4 picked up a pilot for “Code Monkeys” last fall.

“They live in a surreal world where anything can happen,” he said, adding that there will be visual allusions to a host of ’80s videogames.

An animated Ronald Reagan will be a recurring character, though most of the action focuses on two very different best friends named Dave and Jerry.

In addition to writing episodes of “Code Monkeys,” de la Pena voices the show’s lead character and directs all the episodes.

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