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Futurama Returns To Adult Swim December 27


Turns out rumors of the Great Split between Fox/Disney’s animated content and Adult Swim’s programming schedule have been greatly exaggerated. They lost Family Guy earlier this year, but quickly filled the hole with the re-acquisition of King of the Hill. Now, after an absence of fourteen years, Futurama will start running there too.

As the world’s calendars were about to experience a once-in-a-millennium digit shift, one twentysomething slacker from New York fell into a cryotube and skipped the event entirely, waking up in the year 3000. It was a recipe for success — well, at least critically. Despite having ended seemingly for good in 2013, Futurama has maintained a cultural presence in reruns, with the memes it spawned still circulating on social media to this day (“Shut up and take my money!” “Oh, you were serious. Let me laugh even harder.” “In fact, forget the park!”)

Futurama was one of the first Fox originals AS aired, pretty much immediately after its cancellation on its home network. The deal lasted until Comedy Central expressed interest in not just buying the rights but producing new content. The Planet Express crew would leave Adult Swim in 2007; that same year, CC premiered the TV movie Bender’s Big Score.

Counting the movies and the two revival seasons together, Futurama doubled its library size on Comedy Central, though a lot of fans felt the new episodes weren’t quite up to par with the original seasons. The show has bounced around various cable stations since then…it just finished a mutilated, commercial-crammed, screen-stretched run on SyFy. AS, however, treats its shows right, with just one ad break and a proper 4:3 ratio for older programs.

Futurama felt more at home on Adult Swim than it has anywhere else, and its return is VERY welcome. You can catch the series starting December 27 at 9 PM, as well as Bender’s Big Score (the first half, anyway) on January 2.


  1. That’s NOT true that Adult Swim airs all its older programming in the proper ratio. For years it stretched the older Family Guy episodes to fit the widescreen TVs. You have to manually reset the ratio if you wanted to watch those properly.