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“Fullmetal Alchemist” Resin Case & “Escaflowne” Ultimate Blu-ray Revealed For UK


As we’ve reported previously, UK distributor Anime Limited will be releasing an Ultimate Edition Blu-ray set of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime. One of the talking points of this is the outer case doubles as high quality resin replica of the iconic gate from the show. While previously we had seen only production sketches, Anime Limited have now released photos of a painted prototype via their blog.

The set is currently available to pre-order for £149.99 until the 1st October, at which point any remaining units will be sold for the full price of £299.99.

Also recently announced by the company were details on their long awaited release of another mystical steampunk masterpiece- Escaflowne. Set for release in December, the set will contain both the full series and movie on Blu-ray, complete with the Japanese audio, original BEI dub and the more recent Funimation dub. Also within will be three soundtrack CDs and an artbook. The set will be limited to 1000 units and until 5th September can be pre-ordered for £90, compared to the standard £149.99.