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From The Makers Of Soul Comes….22 Vs Earth

22 vs earth

Soul is in the news two days in a row? Looks that way. Hot off its Best Animated Feature Oscar win, some of its characters are returning in a brand-new short set before the events of the movie…22 Vs Earth.

If you’ve seen the film, then you know 22 is a soul who refuses to be born, and none of the greatest minds who have ever lived can seem to convince her to take the leap. Thanks to the influence of half-dead Joe Gardner 22 eventually changes her mind, but in this cartoon she’s still vehemently against it.

In fact, she’s rounded up five other baby souls in an effort to convince THEM that they shouldn’t be born either. 22’s hope is that they’ll recruit others on their own and start a movement. They might need a little help though..with thinking in general. Tina Fey returns to provide 22’s voice.

Pixar has been making these small extensions of their larger films for about twenty years now, starting with Mike’s New Car after Monsters Inc. The difference between then and now is that Mike’s New Car and most of the shorts that followed were used to hype up the then-booming DVD movie business. Toy Story 4’s short Lamp Life was released AFTER its Blu-Ray came out, and it’s the same deal here with Soul.

More recently the studio produced Pixar Popcorn, a series of one-minute wordless shorts starring Pixar’s most popular characters….which was really a method of keeping its animators employed while they restructured things after the pandemic first hit. The shorts are a fun way to continue the movies, if just for a little while, and we feel grateful Pixar is still willing to do them even though they serve little more of a business purpose than Disney+ filler of the week right now. 22 Vs Earth will be released this coming Friday, April 30.