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From The Makers of Pushmo And Crashmo Comes….Stretchmo!


First there was Pushmo, the pushing, pulling puzzler that took the world by storm when it was released on the Nintendo eShop in 2011. Then came Crashmo, the equally popular sequel. Now Nintendo introduces Stretchmo, the third game in the series with more content than ever, and for the first time, multiple payment options!

As per the norm, Stretchmo involves reaching a high goal by pushing and pulling platforms of various shapes resembling objects. This time, as you might guess, there’s also the option of stretching. You’ve got to stretch certain blocks to make some puzzles solvable, adding a new twist to the brainteasing experience. In addition to over 250 puzzles included in the game, you can also use Stretchmo Studio to create your own puzzles, solve them and share them with other Stretchmo players via QR code. And there are even other features hidden within Stretchmo that Nintendo is keeping mum about. You’ll have to play to find them!

Stretchmo comes in two versions: regular and freemium. You can pay $9.99 for the entire game and all four attractions, or play the first seven levels for free and purchase the four attractions one at a time as you reach them.

  • Mallo’s Playtime Plaza ($4.99): 100 progressively challenging levels that introduce the basics of the game.
  • Poppy’s Sculpture Square ($2.99): 50 puzzle levels shaped like animals and objects.
  • Corin’s Fortress of Fun ($2.99): 50 levels featuring new gizmo obstacles and enemies.
  • Papa Blox’s NES Expo ($2.99): A treat for retro fans that features 50 levels based on classic NES characters.

If you decide to purchase one of them and then decide you want all the rest, you can still get them bundled at a discount (though you’ll still be paying more than you would have if you just bought the whole thing. Seriously, it’s ten bucks, dinner at Applebee’s costs more).

  • Bundle containing “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” and “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” after “Mallo’s Playtime Plaza” has already been purchased ($6.99).
  • Bundle of the remaining three attractions after purchasing either “Poppy’s Sculpture Square,” “Corin’s Fortress of Fun” or “Papa Blox’s NES Expo” ($8.99).

Stretchmo is available starting today at the Nintendo eShop, for your 3DS system. Get to stretching!