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From The Creators Of Little Mermaid And Aladdin: Metal Men

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Anyone who’s reading an animation news website needs no introduction to John Musker and Ron Clements, but for the sake of SEO you’re getting one anyway. John ‘n Ron started with Disney in the 1980s, producing The Great Mouse Detective and then some of the Disney Renaissance’s biggest hits: The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

Their next one, Hercules, wasn’t quite as popular, but was enough for Eisner to finally grant them a greenlight to the pitch they’d been trying to sell since they started: “Treasure Island in space.” And it flopped. Foer the rest of their time with Disney, Ron ‘n John never had any movies resonate with the public on the level they did in the 90s.

But now they’re with WB, and what they’re cooking up looks to be a lot different than what we’re used to from them. It’s Metal Men, a DC superhero movie based on the Silver Age comic book of the same name.

Despite the age of the property I must confess tonight is the first time I’ve heard of it, so I can only regurgitate what Google tells me, and have no real opinion: Metal Men is about six robots, all superheroes, each smelted from a different metal by the scientist who created them. They come in colors of gold, lead, mercury, tin, platinum and iron, though the “Iron man” might run into trademark problems now. Some of these metals are more suited to battle than others, but it’s Silver Age comic book logic we’re working with.

All we know at this early point is that Musker and Clements are making an animated Metal Men — we don’t know what the tone of the thing will be, a musical or a comedy or a rare attempt at seriousness from the duo. When we get more info like a release window, we’ll pass on the word.