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Freeform Announces Its First Adult Animated Series


Freeform! It’s the place on your cable schedule grid where ABC Family used to be. After relaunching with a name allegedly chosen because it “appealed to Millennials,” ABC and parent company Disney had high hopes for a fresh audience….one that has never really shown up. If Freeform has become known for anything, it’s their tendency to cancel shows as soon as they begin — which, of course, is not a rep you want if you mean to maintain a loyal viewership.

With cable viewers in decline and streaming shows getting the lion’s share of attention, maybe it’s time Freeform tried something different…like animation. “Praise Petey.” the network’s first adult animated comedy series, was announced this week. Note for those about to argue that it isn’t the “first”: Slacker Cats was produced in the ABC Family days, so it doesn’t count.

“Praise Petey” will star the voice of Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) as a former New York City trendsetter who falls on hard times and has to relocate to her small home town….where her father happens to be a cult leader with dozens of mindless followers. Didn’t expect that, did you? John Cho will also play a role.

“Praise Petey” is the creation of Anna Drezen, one of SNL’s head writers up to this point. She will soon be leaving the NBC staple to work full-time on both this and her other project, Girls 5 Eva for Peacock. “Bye SNL! I am leaving the show to focus on my show at Freeform,” she posted last Tuesday on her Instagram account. “Was going to post a joke but I don’t do those anymore.”

Here’s some encouraging news: Greg Daniels and Mike Judge from King of the Hill are also involved, as executive producers. Usually those names mean a quality product…for the eight episodes we’ll get before Freeform cancels the thing. “Praise Petey” currently has no release window set.