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Free Map “Shipment 1944” Now Available in Call Of Duty WWII


What’s familiar about Shipment 1944, the new free-of-charge map that’s just been added to Call of Duty WWII? And what’s different?

If it gives you deja vu, that’s because it’s actually a remake. The Shipment map was originally introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It was one of the tiniest maps in the history of the series and today it remains so, but it’s also been revised to fit the time period and aesthetic of the latest CoD game. The new “Shipment 1944” brings the same tight-quarters combat as the original, and now it’s free.

To see what’s changed visually, check out Activision’s trailer for Shipment 1944 below. Earlier in the week Shipment 1944 was made available for Season Pass holders, but now it’s free for everyone, across all versions.

Send nothing but your best. Shipment 1944 has been added as a playable map in Call of Duty®: WWII, available free to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC

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