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Freakazoid Guest-Stars On Teen Titans Go This Weekend


So…have we, as a collective society, gotten over our irrational hatred of Teen Titans Go, and accepted that a cartoon can have more than one interpretation? Have we finally admitted that TTG is actually quite sharply written and doesn’t go lowbrow as often as its rep suggests, except when they’re commenting on how lowbrow they are? Have we embraced the sheer genius of the “Robin teaches kids how to be an urban slumlord” episode yet?

Even if you’re still clinging to your resentment, something’s about to happen that might succeed in changing your mind. This weekend’s coming episode will feature the return of Freakazoid to television, as he meets the Titans. If TTG didn’t exist, this wouldn’t be happening. So there!

Paul Rugg, the voice of the Jerry Lewis-inspired electric freak, broke the news on his Instagram page today. He says it won’t just be Freakazoid…Ed Asner is back to voice Sgt. Cosgrove, Freak’s pal with the all-powerful “CUT IT OUT” command. David Warner also returns as Freak’s arch-nemesis The Lobe, and Joe Leahy will be on hand to narrate the entire historical event in his bow tie.

When you think about it, the manic sensibilities of Teen Titans Go and Freakazoid are quite similar. At least we should get the best cyberspace scenery since Tron, which was NOT the film that broke the bank at Disney in 1983, as some believe. No, Tron came out in 1982, three years after Disney’s The Black Hole, which was the Hollywood equivalent of the Hindenburg. What a disaster! And the robots? They made R2-D2 look like Laurence Olivier! So anyway, the film that bombed in 1983 at Disney wasn’t Tron, it was Something Wicked This Way Comes, which is actually kinda fun, but it comes across too soft. And it lost a fortune! But that brought about the arrival of Eisner and Katzenberg, and slowly but surely…

The Freakazoid episode of Teen Titans Go airs this coming Saturday on Cartoon Network.