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“Frankenweenie” Disappoints in Debut Weekend with $11.5M Box Office; “Hotel Transylvania” Adds $26.3M


This past weekend’s estimated box office results held good news for Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania and disappointment for Disney’s Frankenweenie. Hotel Transylvania showed continuing strength with $26.3 million in ticket sales (estimated), placing it in the #2 box office spot behind Fox’s Taken 2 and representing a 38% drop from its premiere weekend for a cumulative box office total of $76 million. However, Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie only managed $11.5 million in ticket sales (estimated), making the second box office disappointment for the director this year (behind his feature version of Dark Shadows). The numbers are also not a good sign for this year’s crop of stop-motion movies, as Frankenweenie did non-trivially worse than Laika/Focus Features’ ParaNorman ($14.1 million in its premiere weekend) and marginally better than Sony/Aardman’s The Pirates: Band of Misfits ($11.1 million premiere weekend).