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Fox Looking Into Literally Getting A Clue


It was during World War II that Englishman Anthony E. Pratt was stuck on air raid drills with nothing to do. Wouldn’t it be great, he thought, if a murder happened in the barracks and every soldier was a suspect, and he had to figure it out within one evening? THAT would be exciting…so he invented a board game depicting just that scenario. Once the war ended, the game was produced as a retail product for the first time. Introduced under the name “Murder!” in 1949, it would eventually become better known by its permanent title, “Clue.”

It could have stopped there, but a few decades later, a Clue feature film was released starring Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn and Martin Mull. The movie’s main gimmick was that it had multiple endings and you didn’t know which one you would get at your theater, but it turned out it didn’t need that to sell…the movie became an endlessly quoted and GIF-ed cult classic on its own, through its home video version which included all the endings one after another.

Clue had now proven itself as a successful brand beyond just a game, and its current owners, Hasbro, are more than happy to exploit that. They’ve been trying to get a new cinematic Clue experience off the ground for years. A miniseries quietly appeared on the Hub Network and went unnoticed. At one point another movie was rumored to be in the works starring Ryan Reynolds. The latest effort? An animated series now in development for the Fox network.

“‘Colonel Mustard… in the Conservatory… with the lead pipe.’ By just hearing these colorful phrases alone, you immediately know what they mean,” points out Fox entertainment president Michael Thorn. It takes more than just a familiar catchphrase to sell a show, though. The end product has to actually be good, as the 1985 movie was. Psst…Curry is available for voice work.

At this time we have no idea how Fox plans to adapt Clue into an animated series, and they might possibly not know either (no writer or director is attached yet). The only thing we can say for certain is that Bento Box will do the animation. Unlike Dan Harmon’s Greek comedy announced earlier this week, the Clue project has not yet been officially greenlit for production.

[Source: Variety]