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Fox Announces Animated Comedy Grimsburg For 2023


Last September, Fox president Michael Thorn told the press that the focus of Animation Domination block, which has pretty much been comedies about dysfunctional families since its inception, will be diversifying in future years. “We love our family shows, they’re iconic, but we’re looking to go beyond family and start to explore things that are more dramatic,” Thorn said, and mentioned they were looking into cartoons that fit the mystery, adventure, workplace and rom-com genres.

Here, then, is Grimsburg — a just-announced mystery series about a town full of secrets, and the man determined to figure them out, Marvin Flute. Flute is a brilliant detective, at least in his own mind. Now he’s returning to his strange remote town of weirdos he originated from to solve local crimes and unravel a larger mess. There’s one mystery, though, that Flute simply can’t solve: his ex-wife and young son, who still live in Grimsburg. Okay, so the dysfunctional family thing is still in there.

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm will be playing Marvin Flute — none of the other roles have been announced yet. Bento Box is animating, as they do with nearly every other Fox toon. Chadd Gindin will be the showrunner, with Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel as lead writers and co-executive producers alongside Hamm, Gindin, Gail Berman, Hend Baghdady and Connie Tavel. Everyone’s an executive producer!

“As we continue to expand our animation brand beyond family comedies, ‘Grimsburg’s’ wildly funny, bizarre and inventive take on the crime genre makes it the perfect next generation Fox comedy,” brags Thorn. “And with Jon Hamm front and center as Marvin Flute, the deeply troubled detective with very eclectic taste and opinions, we believe this may finally be Hamm’s breakout role as a leading man.” Don’t bother in the comments…I’m pretty sure Thorn knows Mad Men happened.

Grimsburg will take a while to complete and won’t be ready for broadcast on Animation Domination until 2023. It’s wild, but not as offbeat as a dramatic adaption of the Rats of NIMH books, which Fox mentioned they were looking into making two months ago.