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Honestly Clerks the animated series might've worked better on Fox than ABC. Or heck The WB or UPN but it probably would've had the same fate
Recently saw a Venomizied Hulk costume at my local Wal-Mart. All I could think of was, "I read that issue of "What If?" back in the day. Turned out it cured Bruce Banner of being the Hulk".
Since an hour ago, I enjoy listening to Hír TV's news countdown theme from 2006-2007. And I don't know why. :)

This is the 58-second version at the very beginning.
I forgot to post this 10 days ago but September 9th would had marked 15 years of the Qubo brand. A-shame Qubo couldn't live to see it, that ION Kids block now is incredibly lame and boring…
I havent watched Adult Swim at all, but it's nice to see Family Guy farewell bumper after almost 2 decades Family Guy aired on Adult Swim... If only nick@nite could do same for Full House (possibly) but i doubt nick@nite would do those. they never did those for George Lopez when leaving n@n

My website now has a music player on bottom in which I will collect the music I use during my videos. This is a YouTube playlist. One more novelty: The blind-friendly mode with which I would like to spread equal opportunities has been added! You can find it on my website:

Something about places that were once former red roof Pizza Huts just fascinates me.

there's like a weird artform to it.
It looks like Icon Creative Studios will be animating Craig's new show. Well, they did a good job on Elena Of Avalor, so this should also be good.

what's his new show called again?
We don't know the name yet.
The live action Mario movie wants so badly to be Ghostbusters.
Nickatnite seems to be acting weird.. Zap2it has Full House listed Mon Sept 27 and Tues Sept 28 6am, but Sept 29 onwards has Young Sheldon. I'm wondering whether Sept 27 and Sept 28 list Full House could be error?

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