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City Escape was the best 3-D Sonic level until Sonic Colors. It's so much better than other 3-D Sonic levels (including other levels in the same game).
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Not to mention "Escape From the City" is so iconic to run through the level with.
Is it wrong that I think Gwyneth Paltrow is fairly useless? Yeah, she was Pepper. But what good has she done lately besides creating the stupidest headlines imaginable?
Loving the rumor of a BTAS revival. Personally I would far prefer a JLU one, but maybe this could lead to that.

Here is my major suggestion for the BTAS revival:


Fone Bone
Fone Bone
My mixed feelings about Batman And Harley Quinn, Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five, Batman: The Adventures Continue, and even Young Justice Outsiders is that they took a light franchise I had fun watching and turned it as grim and inappropriate for kids as a superhero comic. If BTAS is truly resurrected, I want kids to be able to watch it and for families to be able to share it together.
Fone Bone
Fone Bone
I also want to be able to enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with adventure shows without terrible stakes or horrible things repeatedly happening. It's why I liked the DCAU and why I disliked the revivals that got rid of its best selling point.
I'd like to see them return to the classic look for a revival.
I find it interesting how Jason Spisak has done voice work for plenty of DC projects, yet he's never been in one with Andrea Romano as the voice director. Even in non-DC projects, he's never been in a project she worked on.
Of the 3 Madagascar shows we have, All Hail King Julien stands out with its title and location. Unlike The Penguins Of Madagascar and Madagascar: A Little Wild, this one takes place on Madagascar while the others are in New York through an alternate continuity. Conversely, AHKJ is the only one to not have Madagascar in the title.
Here's another weekly ideal CN schedule I made, for next week. No longer a "snooze button" all week long.

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