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Now that "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" concluded on Sunday May 19, 2019 with a half-hour series finale entitled "Cleaved", it seems to me that I have no choice but to sweat the small bullets right now.
Access to Facebook and Instagram in Indonesia is still restricted to circumvent the circulation of fake news regarding the riots in the capital. Oh well, at least it worked.

Been doing some investigation in compatibility with the CN Arcade app. I found that some shows no longer in production award random figures from the "current" shows. SO far, the list is as follows:

Cow and Chicken
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Mighty Magiswords
Regular Show
On June 16, the Portuguese government will tighten restrictions on candy advertising, especially aimed at kids.

When I was in kindergarten and my idea of things were distorted, I thought that candy was good.

I like the humor Roger Craig Smith puts out about this wildly inaccurate Wikipedia page.
Soon I'll make a series about a period of my life around five years ago where I wanted to see CN Africa back on my TV.
Lot's of Great Cartoon News Today! Looking forward to Mao-Mao and Tig N Seek! As well as S2 of Summer Camp Island. Now if only we could get airdates for Thundercats ROAR! & High Guardian Spice.
Anybody remembered when Gerald McBoing Boing had Cartoon Network City Bumpers? I vaguely remembered them.
They did???
D-nice is the man.
D-nice is the man.
I think so, it was a Flyer with the Main Character stapled to a Telephone Pole, I believe during the City Era, that's all I could remember from it.
I have another voice actor following me on Twitter, David Sobolov. He's known for many roles , including Shockwave (Transformers Prime), Gorilla Grodd (The Flash 2014, Justice League Action), Drax (Guardians Of The Galaxy), Tatsurion the Unchained (Kaijudo), and many more . This is so awesome.