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Andy Mancini

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Jan 26, 2002
For a couple of weeks now, there have been a fair number of posts inquring when "Zoids" will rejoin Toonami. Well, according to TV Guide Online, the show's fans haven gotten their wish. It says that "Zoids" will be in the 5:00 spot starting Monday. Just type in "Zoids" in the search page or go to Basic Cable and 5:00 PM. I had a link, but unfortunately, it only linked to the main page. Yahoo TV is saying the same thing. I haven't been able to get into the regular Cartoon Network schedule to confirm it yet, however. The Toonami website still says that "Tenchi in Tokyo" is on at five. I find it kind of odd that they doing this programming change considering that they are in the middle of the show. Still, this is good news for all of the "Zoids" fans out there or all of the "Tenchi Muyo!" and "Tenchi Universe" fans that found "Tenchi in Tokyo" to be too painful to watch (like me). This will bug the "Sailor Moon" fans (all five of them... just kidding) who have been turning to "Tenchi in Tokyo" for their daily fix.
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Lost in the Undertow
Jan 6, 2002
Its only the third time they've done this to TiT, can't exactly say I'm surprised. Wasn't exactly happy when they cut it off at episode 11 the first time I saw the series though, forcing me to wait 4 months to see everything else -_- But oh well, its not exactly high quality anyway :p


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Nov 25, 2001
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The schedule on CN's site went down early friday and hasn't been fixed yet. I'd wait till tomorrow before you count your chickens. They may change something.

The old schedule was

Zoids at 5:00 till April 15.

Thundercats replaces that April 18th

Gary L Thompson

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Mar 1, 2002
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I hope the April 18 schedule is right. There is no excuse to keep cutting off any anime series before it is concluded. At least nothing short of ratings that show the series is actively scaring away viewers, because otherwise you're just going to discourage viewers from watching any anime shows because they have little confidence that they'll see how the story turns out. And to just slot a show that's already running in a neighboring time period--that's totally unacceptable!

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