"Zoids: Guardian Force" - Final Four - Talkback (Spoilers)

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William C. Maune

TZ News Editor in Chief
Nov 26, 2001
Castle Wyvern, Missouri
Legend tells of four mysterious episodes that have yet to broadcast in America. Today all shall be revealed. This is the official talkback thread for the final four episodes of "Zoids: Guardian Force" debuting on Toonami Super Saturday from 2.0 to 4.0 PM (1.0 to 3.0 Central). These are the 64th through 67th episodes in the series. "Zoids: Guardian Force" is the second season of "Zoids: Chaotic Century." Any thoughts? While this thread covers all four episodes, please feel free to comment on episodes as they air. See you on the final battlefield.

Spoilers: If the episode has already aired on Toonami you do not need to worry about using spoiler tags. If you have read the episode summaries and must comment on episodes that have not yet aired on Toonami you will need to use spoiler tags due to the number of people who have seen the rest of the series. Thank you!

Episode Titles (The actual episode titles have not yet been revealed)
2.0 PM - Episode #164
2.5 PM - Episode #165
3.0 PM - Episode #166
3.5 PM - Episode #167​


Apr 20, 2002
can someone please give me a summary of what happen during the eps they cut off during the first toonami run? I was never able to get up that early or remeber to set my VCR to tape them.

Spike Mcdougal

The Legendary Outlaw
Jan 6, 2002
The Planet Gunsmoke
I'm gonna tape this even though I never watched the whole series.

Oh and as a contribution here are the episode titles as listed on TV Tome

164. The Ancient Memory
165. Zoid Eve
166. Endgame
167. Return to Tomorrow


Active Member
Apr 22, 2002
El Paso
I have to wait almost five hours. But what the hell I've waited 8 months, whats another five hours.


Sound of a Dogcow!
Apr 28, 2002
St. Pete FLA
It would be funny if they jiped us again and played some random 4 eps :D. Of course all the CC fans would start a massive riot outside CN, HQ

Mr. Obsession

Active Member
May 2, 2001
*sets VCR*

Stupid people calling in sick at work. :mad: Why this Saturday of all Saturdays?! grrr...

Oh well, I'll be home in 8 or so hours. At least I'll have something to look forward to.

Chris Sanders MSX

The MAN is back
Dec 9, 2001
The way Van screams Fionaaaaaaa... is just plain stupid lol. He drags on until his voice fluxes. These epsiodes have been pretty good so far. My God have long have we all waited for this ?
I'm not taping this because they'll air the episodes again eventually now that they have them alongw ith the regular run.


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