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Classic Speedy

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I know we've done this sort of topic on this board before, but it's been a long time since we have (IIRC, the last time I replied to such a topic was way back when I was a new member... in 2003!). I figured it couldn't hurt to ask it again, especially since we have some newer members here.

And if you can't come up with 25, no biggie, just list your faves (and why).

Here are mine, in no particular order:

1) Hollywood Plucky: Great TMS animation, some fine caricatures, and one of the best endings in the series ("Right in the old feathered palm!"). Yeah, Buster and Babs are virtually absent, but an episode doesn't need to be an ensemble piece to be a winner.

2) Brave Tales of Real Rabbits: See my thread for why I like it. But cliff notes: Plenty of gags, and lots of them work. I don't even mind Freelance's animation here.

3) The ACME Acres Zone: All three stories are a lot of fun, and it's honestly hard to choose a favorite. Monty turning into a rabbit? Gold. Hamton having to sneak home, nude? Gold. Babs's wacky persona out of control? Gold.

4) Animaniacs!: I've mentioned before many times that I love episodes of animated shows where they explain how a cartoon is made, and this is no exception. The classic cartoon stars are probably at their funniest here (gimme that Playduck!), and the student films in the third act are priceless ("Like, the end, fer sure.").

5) Fields of Honey: One of the best TTA scores ever. While the story took some artistic license with animation history, it worked for the purposes of the plot they were telling. And while the Kennedy animation is typically all over the place (i.e. you can easily tell when it switches animators), it's some of their best work of the show.

6) Career Oppor-Toon-ities: Mainly for the first segment, with Buster and Babs working fast food, though all three are fun.

7) Inside Plucky Duck: Another re-direct...

8) Best o' Plucky Duck Day: "One Minute 'Til Three" is one of my all-time favorite shorts in the show, and very relatable. The other two don't quite measure up by comparison, but they're still solid.

9) Here's Hamton: So funny it'll make milk shoot out your nose.

10) K-ACME TV / ACME Cable TV: Almost an obligation to put on the list, but both still hold up pretty well. Only downside to the otherwise excellent ACME Cable TV is that the quiz show takes up most of the second act, which undercuts the "channel flipping" feel.

11) Viewer Mail Day: Mostly for "Buttering Up the Buttfields", a wonderfully low brow short. "Those ARE the appetizers!"


13) Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian: Yeah the plot is super thin but it makes up for it in gags. The stuff on the airplane in particular. "And what'll it be? Gray lumps in brown sauce, or brown lumps in gray sauce?"

14) Henny Youngman Day: A fine debut for StarToons. Not many people seem to care for the third segment, but I think it's okay. "I've got good news and bad news: The good news is, your joke died, the bad news is, who cares?"

15) Kon Ducki: While the "making-of" part is undoubtedly the best ("Aaah, mango drink!"), the first two acts aren't slouches.

16) Sepulveda Boulevard: A rather underrated episode, especially if you've seen the material it's parodying.

17) Fox Trot: "Phone Call From the 405" is a great jab at executive meddling. "My Brilliant Revenge" is a big favorite of mine. "Can't Buy Me Love" offered a different dynamic for Elmyra by making her butt-monkey to her obnoxious new "friend".

18) Toons Take Over: Despite Babs getting a little repetitive in the second and third acts ("This... is SO... brilliant!"), this is another great insight into making a cartoon, albeit more cynical than "Animaniacs!" ("Faster! Cheaper!"). Cooper De Ville's realization is one of the better twists in the show ("It's so bad... it's good!").

19) Toons From the Crypt: A wonderfully macabre first and third segment... and then the outlier Concord story. Still entertaining, though. Buster really hams and puns it up as the cryptkeeper.

20) Tiny Toons Music Television / Toon TV: Placed both of them here because I couldn't choose. TTMTV had They Might Be Giants, while Toon TV had Toon Out, Toon In and The Name Game.

21) Music Day: "Ruffled Ruffee" feels like a modern tribute to "Long-Haired Hare", which is of course awesome. "The Horn Blows at Lunchtime" proves that low brow can be funny. "Loon Lake" merges Swan Lake and slapstick nicely.

22) How I Spent My Vacation: I know what you're thinking: It shouldn't count because it's a DTV, not an episode. Well it aired in four parts in reruns so I think it counts. Even 20-some years later, this film is still a lot of fun, particularly Plucky and Hamton's story.

23) The ACME Bowl: Say it ain't so, Plucky!

24) Gang Busters: One of the stronger "one story" episodes, with the best material in the second and third acts.

25) You Asked For It Again: Despite the slapdash Kennedy animation, this is a favorite of mine. I think we can all relate to procrastination. And the ant story is one of the better "one-shots".

Honorable mentions:
-Citizen Max: Great fun if you've seen Citizen Kane.
-Thirteensomething: I don't like it quite as much as Peter does, but this is still a fine Babs-centric outing.
-The Buster Bunny Bunch: B-U-S, T-E-R, B-U-N-N-Y! "Born to Be Riled" is the best short here.
-You Asked For it, Part 2: Hamton and Dizzy should have their own sitcom.
-Two-Tone Town: A nice companion piece to "Fields of Honey".
-Life in the '90s: Ignoring the "trying to be hip" wraparounds, these are some really fun shorts. As an anti-smoker, Babs's revenge in "Butt Out" is pure bliss.


It's easier to list the episodes I don't like.
There's only one: "Grandma's Dead". I find it boring.

Some people criticised "High Toon" but I think that episode is alright. Especially once you realize that's not Wile E.

Classic Speedy

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I can't believe I forgot Life in the '90s above. I'm not sure it would make the top 25, so I've added it to honorable mentions. Not like this list is anything official, of course.

It's easier to list the episodes I don't like.
There's only one: "Grandma's Dead". I find it boring.

Some people criticised "High Toon" but I think that episode is alright. Especially once you realize that's not Wile E.
Worst episodes is a whole 'nother list. "High Toon" is not a great episode but it wouldn't be on my worst episodes list, simply because of its third act.

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