Your Ideas For A Wonder Woman Animated Series And/Or Related Series

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Post your ideas for a Wonder Woman animated and/or a series starring Wonder Woman characters but not necessarily Wonder Woman herself. The latter can be a spin off of your proposed WW series.

Wonder Woman: The Animated Series

Executive Producers:
Rebecca Sugar and Lauren Faust

Writers: Greg Weissman, Gail Simone and Marguerite Bennett

Synopsis: After thousands of years in isolation, the Amazons of Themyscira have decided to rejoin the outside world. Sending forth Diana, Nubia and several Amazons as representatives, the story deals with the Amazons interaction with both the human world and the stories and myths of the world.

Season 1: Adapts some elements of the Perez run and the second Rucka run. Features Steve, Etta, and the Kapetelis as supporting characters. Diana must stop Ares' plot to plunge the world in eternal war.

Season 2: Mostly episodic in nature but deals with plot moving stuff like the adoption of Donna Troy.

Season 3: Themyscira is joining the outside world but not all are pleased with this development.

Season 4: Adapts the Phil Jiminez run and deals with Themyscira becoming a democracy.

Season 5: Zeus becomes an antagonist following his dethroning by Athena and the various pantheons of the world become changed as well.

Potential Spin off: Argus. An organization tasked with dealing with supernatural based crimes. Stars Steve, Etta, Julia, Nightshade and a few other characters.

Voice Cast

Keri Russell as Diana

Salli Richardson as Nubia

Shay Mitchell as Donna Troy

Virginia Madsen as Hippolyta

Gina Torres as Philipus

Crispin Freeman as Steve Trevor

Octavia Spencer as Etta Candy

Steve Blum as Ares

Clancy Brown as Zeus

Hellena Taylor as Circe

Claudia Black as Barbara Minerva

Marina Sirtis as Julia Kapetelis

Tara Strong as Vanessa Kapetelis

Jessica Pare as Zara

Cree Summer as Artemis

Sofia Boutella as Akila

For Argus

Crispin Freeman as Steve Trevor

Octavia Spencer as Etta Candy

Janice Kawaye as Nightshade

Leslie-Ann Brandt as Belylioth

Devery Jacobs as Hayley Braverock (OC)

Jennifer Hale as Giganta

Lucy Lui as Deilan Peng

Grey Delisle as Medusa
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Jason M

New Member
Everything you suggested sounds perfect!
With the huge success of the movie last year,
I wouldn’t be a bit surprised they have more
Planned for her in animation! Hopefully finally
A series! A sequel to the 2009 movie! Maybe even
WW 77 movie with Lynda Carter!! All three will most
Likely happen!!


Ten, count em', ten years!
My vision of a Wonder Woman series is the Golden Age version based off the character model sheet James Tucker made a while ago. Lynda Carter would play Hippolyta and Susan Eisenberg would play a different role.
Put James Tucker in charge as Executive Producer and lead character designer. Shea Fontana can be supervising producer and Rick Morales can be producer. Gail Simone, Paul Dini, and Charlotte Fullerton can come on as writers.

The movies can circulate on adaptations of the 77 series and comic adaptations.


A Wonder Woman animated show is long overdue and their WB animation is wanting to bring back Batman The Animated Series again with new adventures. Don't try and rehash the past and move forward and do an animated WONDER WOMAN show. If they do another Batman animated TV project in his contained Gotham City world... I WILL NOT WATCH! There are other DC heroes and WB animation in the TV department are very poor at this unlike Marvel animated TV with #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyMissionBreakout and the upcoming #MarvelRisingSecretWarriors, At least there not afraid of doing other characters on the small screen in animation and Sam Register needs to realize this and WB animation needs to step up their game
If they were to do a series here's who I like to see cast and would be based on the Wonder Woman of the 70's and 80's the same way Batman The Animated Series stories were done but more modern DC heroes like Superman Batman Supergirl Green Lantern and Shazam will have guest appearances. Much as Darkseid was to Superman in Brce Timm's DCAU Darkseid's daughter Grail would be to Diana as a thorn to her. Phil Bourassa's as head animation designer Wes Gleason and Lisa Shaffer as voice directors

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman Diana Prince
Scott Porter as Steve Trevor
Susan Eisenberg as Hippolita
Amy Louise Pemberton as Cheetah
Emily Bett Rickards as Giganta
Vanessa Marshall as Circe
Julie Nathanson as Doctor Poison
Stephanie Lyn Beard as Etta Candy
John Noble as Ares
Michael Jai White as First Born
Katrina Law as Silver Swan
Bruce Greenwood as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent
Josh Keaton as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
Will Friedle as Flash/Barry Allen
Sean Astin as Shazam
Stuart Allan as Billy Batson
Katie Cassidy as Grail