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Superheroes can tackle many serious themes and topics... but isn't it also fun just to see them punch stuff? I thought this could make a fun discussion, since there are so many different ones to choose from and I think most people have very different reasons for liking certain fights scenes.

Here are my favorites in no particular order:

X-Men vs Sentinels (X-Men the Animated Series - The Final Decision)

I don't think Marvel cartoons started to have particulary great fight scenes until their 90's shows, and even then I can't name too many outstanding ones from that period. Most of them were limited by their stiff animation and censorship, Spider-Man the Animated Series being probably the most infamous example. X-Men had pretty good track record by their standards, since the animation was at least little stylized and the cencorship wasn't as heavy as on the other shows. In my opinion, when it comes to the action scenes, they reached their peak with the season 1 finale, where the X-Men fight an entire army of sentinels.

What makes this fight standout for me, is the emotional weight and build-up. The begining of the episode is all about how hopeless the situation is, yet all of the X-Men choose to be heroes and take possibly their last stand (pun not intended). Character arcs are brought to close, enemies become allies and the fate of the entire world is at stake. And the fight itself is great with every single X-Men throwing everything they got at the seemingly unstoppable force. Sure, the ending is little goofy with Xavier coming out of nowhere with Blackbird full of cartoon bombs, which makes it almost feel like a Looney Tunes' episode, but it goes by so fast that you can almost ignore it. Almost.

Honestly, this fight puts the one from Days of Future Past movie to shame.

Hulk vs Wolverine (Hulk vs.)

Classic rivalry brought to moving pictures flawlessly. Since this was a PG-13 direct-to-DVD movie, it was allowed to be as violent and visceral as it should be, and the animation itself is very fluid. The later fights with Weapon-X mutants are also great, but this fight was easily the best of the whole movie.

Spider-Man vs Tombstone (Spectacular Spider-Man - Gangland)

Thanks to the stylized character designs allowing some really fluid and lively animation, I don't think SSM had a single bad fight scene and someone could easily make an argument for any of them being the best one. However, this is not just my personal favorite fight scene from this show, but my all-time favorite animated Marvel fight period. Why? Well, because it is the only superhero fight scene (animated or live-action) that I would feel comfortable calling downright artistic. There are no sound effects, dialogue or even grunts, just classic opera music, but you still feel the impact of every punch and the raw power of both combatants. This scene is so great and inspired that it should be studied in every animation school.

Captain America vs Baron Zemo (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Living Legend)

This might seem like a weird choice for some people, since AEMH was full of memorable fights and this episode as a whole probably isn't anyones favorite, so what makes it so great in my opinion? Well, to put it simply, it is the most grounded and choreographed fight in the entire series. The flow of the battle feels natural and every move has a logical, but cool looking, countermoves. Most of fights on the show were large spectacles, which can be great (and most of the time was), but sometimes just two dudes punching each other is all your need.

Anyway, those were my favorite animated Marvel fights. What are yours?
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Good list!

Zemo vs Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. Zemo fought all three of them in AA, bodied Widow and Tony at the same time and only lost to Captain America.

Black Suit Spiderman vs the Sinister Six- Loved it, Spiderman massacred the Sinister Six and it was the coolest set up for Venom. Spectacular Spiderman is a gem.

Avengers vs. Squadron Supreme - Good, big team battle fun. Squadron Strike!

Avengers vs. Guardians of the Galaxy - Another good season 2 episode, the fight for the Infinity Stones was fast and fun.

Hulk vs. The Trolls - EMH Hulk is a bad*ss but he bodied the trolls that attacked him in a way that made my 15 year old heart scream.

Every fight in Ultimate Spiderman. Say what you want about the show but the fights were fun!


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Off the top of my head:

- Thor vs. Hulk in Hulk vs. Thor. Just seeing the God of Thunder throw everything he can at a rampaging, berserk, Hulk, even to no avail, was as memorable for me as the more bloody fight between Hulk and Wolverine in the other movie :eek:.

- Spider-Man vs. Tombstone, Doc Ock, and Silvermane in "Gangland" from The Spectacular Spider-Man. We see Spidey tussle with three different villains at the same time with some dynamic action choreography and set pieces, and we ultimately get to see our hero best all three of them and finally beat Tombstone :cool:.

- Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin and his goons in "Final Curtain" in The Spectacular Spider-Man. We get to see Spidey go through a gauntlet and a final dramatic showdown with his greatest enemy, all culminating in one of the best reveals in a Marvel cartoon :anime:.

- The Avengers vs. Kang in "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow" from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This is the first time we have the entire team together and fighting as a unit, and they still struggle against Kang and his future arsenal. But the Avengers still manage to turn the tide in their favor and every member of the team gets at least one moment all their own during the fight :).

- The Avengers vs. Loki in "A Day Unlike Any Other" from EMH, with the team fighting a true God at the height of his power, with some dramatic returns by Iron Man and Thor :tom:.

- The Avengers vs. Thanos with the completed Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers Assemble. Aside from the beginning with the team in dumb Mecha suits we get to see the team really contend with a being of godlike powers and abilities and manage to overcome death and the ability of the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos :D.
Every fight in Ultimate Spiderman. Say what you want about the show but the fights were fun!
Well, when Spidey wasn't interrupting them with fourth wall gags :rolleyes2:.


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Every fight in Ultimate Spiderman. Say what you want about the show but the fights were fun!
I personally thought they were okay at best, they didn't really show Spidy's capabilities and the pacing of them were bad(my god the fourth wall gags killed the momentum of some of the fights.)

On-Topic Any fight from Spectacular Spiderman


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I personally thought they were okay at best, they didn't really show Spidy's capabilities and the pacing of them were bad(my god the fourth wall gags killed the momentum of some of the fights.)

On-Topic Any fight from Spectacular Spiderman
I don't think any Spider-Man cartoon has had fights as memorable, dynamic, or well-animated as Spectacular did.

Seeing the quality of fights Vic Cook was able to bring to Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters made me realize just how important his influence was on the show (along with Weisman).


I don't think any Spider-Man cartoon has had fights as memorable, dynamic, or well-animated as Spectacular did.

Seeing the quality of fights Vic Cook was able to bring to Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters made me realize just how important his influence was on the show (along with Weisman).
Totally agree with you on Spectacular Spider-Man.

I'll add a few of my own favorites:

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends - The Spider-Friends team-up with the X-Men against the Juggernaut in "A Fire-Star is Born".

X-Men: Evolution - Sabretooth VS. Wolverine, Cyclops & Nightcrawler in "The X-Impulse".
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Just a quick note going forward - try to avoid adding too many clips as it makes the page load slower for some. And a reminder to refrain from posting any full episodes uploaded illegally on various sites.

As for the topic at hand, here are a few of my favorite Marvel animated fights, in no particular order:

From Spectacular Spider-Man:

Spidey versus Venom in "Identity Crisis". A pretty awesome fight inside the school and sadly the last time we saw Venom on the show. But it was a good enough send-off, I guess.

Spidey versus Rhino in "The Invisible Hand". Lots of destruction in that episode, as their fight started inside the Daily Bugle, continued through the city and ended in the sewers. I liked all the fights in Spectacular but there's something about these two that just impressed me a little more.

- From Ultimate Spider-Man:

Spidey's first fight with Venom had some pretty cool visuals, from what I remember.

Plus, anytime Taskmaster showed up, his fight choreography was well animated.

Also, that three-way battle between Spidey, Hulk and Thing from "The Incredible Spider-Hulk". The mind-swap plot was kind of silly but I think the action scenes made up for that.

- From Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes:

Captain America (and a few other heroes and villains) versus Super-Skrull in "Prisoner of War". I also liked how they showed Cap inspiring the others to fight together.

- From Iron Man: Armored Adventures:

Another three-way fight, this time between Iron Man, Black Widow and Ghost, each one trying to recover a piece of tech. Just some really cool visuals, paired with some neat choreography.

- From Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes:

Ben Grimm versus Ronan the Accuser in "Contest of Champions". Probably the most brutal fight from that show. I thought it was interesting how they showed Ben injured afterwards, with what looked like cracks and holes in his stone skin.

- From the 90s Fantastic Four animated series:

Their take on the classic Thing versus Hulk story. I think it still holds up pretty well even after all these years.


I'm pretty sure I could think of some more eventually, but these will have to do for now.

Also, this wasn't exactly a fight, but I will never forget the scene of Wolverine punching Cyclops in the stomach back in the first episodes of X-Men: TAS for leaving Morph behind. :p


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My favorite Marvel battles of all time in animation would have to be every single battle in the second season of the Iron Man cartoon. Iron Man vs. Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man vs. Firepower and all the battles during the two-part finale are some of my favorites.

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LOL I wanted to reply to this thread a long time ago but when it comes to putting together a favorites list for something like this, I'm either thinking of too little or too many. I'm going to rip the band-aid off and just list some faves that I don't think were previously mentioned.

The big throwdown at the end of Night of the Sentinels (X-Men: The Animated Series)
"This one's for you, Morph!" Nuff Said.

Shocker vs. Spider-Friends fights in Along Came Spidey (Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends)
This is the first Marvel cartoon I've ever remembered seeing, and it's a memory locked in my head. There's something about this that I still enjoy seeing so much. The animation by Toei made this one of the sharpest bits of animation at the time and it really made the action feel more bombastic than usual. Shocker also seems really formidable against the team.

Avengers vs. Hulk in Ultimate Avengers
It's a very hard hitting fight, which is usually the case when Hulk is let loose. I really like the choreography and how desperate the fight to stop Hulk's rampage gets.

Hulk vs. Red King in Planet Hulk
I was tempted to say the Beta Ray Bill fight but this was the one that I always think of first. The movie has a lot of good fights but this one is the most satisfying. I love seeing the Red King being forced to do his own fighting, and ultimately face justice for all of his evil deeds. I love the pace and flow of the fight and how it all looks.

The climax of Avengers Confidential
I really enjoy the action in this movie but in the midst of all the chaos of the ending, I especially love all of The Punisher's gun fu.

The kids vs. Ultron and the Iron Avengers in Next Avengers
It's fast paced, has some very cool shots and is overall, a lot of fun. I have a problem with the very end of the fight butI still really dig it.

Avengers vs Avengers in Infiltration (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
It's one of my favorite scenes of EMH. I love watching how the individual Avengers try to figure things out for themselves before realizing who they can trust and lighting their dopplegangers up.

Spidey vs. Venom in Identity Crisis (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
Venom's recklessness and viciousness while fighting Spidey in Midtown makes the situation that much harder, and that much more enjoyable. The series has so many great fights due to the high speed Hong Kong style choreography and this is such a pleasure to watch.

X-Men vs. Juggernaut in The Stuff of Heroes (X-Men Evolution)
I love the Juggernaut. He's an unstoppable force of destruction who wrecks everything in his path and this is definitely one of his best animated showings. It's a treat watching this young team, who've already been put through hell at this point, try to figure out what they can do to stop Juggernaut and keep the world safe. The show is always visually outstanding.

X-Men vs. Rogue in Self-Possessed (X-Men Evolution)
With the mentally distressed Rogue temporarily having shape shifting abilities, and unlocked access to any power she's ever absorbed, we see the X-Men having to fight practically all of their main villains. It's just awesome.

Bishop and the other mutant rebels vs. the Sentinels in Future X (Wolverine and The X-Men)
There are some cinematography choices I really like here. It's quick paced and I really enjoy the use of abilities displayed. I always love seeing Sentinels get properly thrashed. I have ever since I first saw that Konami arcade game when I was little.

Bonus: Squirrel Girl and Miss Marvel vs. Ghost Spider in Marvel Rising: Initiation
It's not an all-time favorite or anything but it's such a fun scene to me. I really like the way that the characters are animated, it's kind of funny, and I just find it so cute. "FLYING SQUIRREL!!"
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