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Jul 10, 2019
So, after 16 or so episodes, I believe that it's safe to give our impressions on how Season 3 is holding up. Before I begin mine, I would like to say a few things. First, I doubt there are many bigger superboy/conner kent fans than myself. I remember reading all his 90's comics and the first young justice comic series, primarily because he was in it. The reason why I say that is to show how appreciative I am that this is the first animated showing of the character. Now, on to the impression.

The first season was a solid "8". Season 2 was an easy "9". Season three has not lived up to the expectations.
First the good...……...

1. It's back!!! nuff said.

2. Returning characters and the growth that they have shown. The easy character to look at is Superboy. However, Beastboy's character is being handled wonderfully. He still likes the attention, but he has a responsible side that never has been as balanced for him as well as it is currently doing.

Unfortunately, that's all the good I can think the negative.

1. The animation. This is the easiest and most early noted observation of something under par. The later episodes haven't been as bad, but it's still noticeable. I get that that the budget isn't the best, but the fighting moves and sequences have not been as entertaining in comparison to earlier seasons. That goes beyond the problem of a limited budget.

2. The main plot of season 3. It feels like it's moving at a snail's pace. Outside of Terra being reclaimed, it feels like little to nothing else has majorly happened....even after 16 episodes.

3. The new characters. Forager? He was an endearing and likeable first. However, the complete lack of any backstory, character growth or conflict, ….or much range in emotion...makes him feel very shallow of a character.

Terra? She's spoken, what 5 sentences? When she isn't speaking, which is almost always, she almost always has a blank expression on her face. When she does end up betraying her team, I utterly won't care at all what happens with her....there's been no reason to. Even if they try to do something with her character in the last few episodes, it's going to feel too little, too late, and too contrived.

Brion- This is the exception. He has been shown that you CAN take a new character and actually do something with him. He has shown progress of character since first being introduced.

Cyborg- A great character that has limited screen time with no new ground to break.

Violet- An ok character, but she has not been endearing enough to warrant the surplus amount of screen time that she is getting.

4. The forced implication of Artemis x Roy.

Yea, they are living under the same roof, they get along, and they compliment each other. That doesn't equate "relationship". You feel more of the forced implication than you ever get of a dynamic that could work in a relationship.

As of now, this season is a 6.5. It could get better by the end of the season, but it's too late to make a big change in impression. What's yours and the rating you would give it compared to the past seasons?


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Dec 15, 2012
Well, I won't give the season a rating until it's complete. To address your #2, this is how it was in Season 1 as well. It was only in the final few episodes we discovered who was the Mole, what was the Light's plan, and what was the ramifications of certain Team members keeping secrets. I have to assume and give Season 3 the same benefit of the doubt that a lot is going to go down in the remaining episodes that will make the aired episodes retroactively less frustrating. (i.e. the Goode Goggles on Beast Boy may still be in effect)

And maybe even not as much as you're expecting. To address your #3, Terra may not do much betraying. Terra, Halo, and Dr Jace could be our Superboy/MM/Artemis from ep 1x25 where they fess up their secrets, they're accepted, and the plot moves on to the main event.

Anyway, I do prefer the lightning-fast pacing that was Season 2 but I've accepted Outsiders for what it's going for and I'll wait until it's done to reserve full judgment.

also, Will x Artemis is totally the Mgann x Lgann of this season. It's gonna disappear as quickly as it appeared.
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Jan 19, 2004
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You forgot one negative. The voice acting is now terrible. I don't know what happened, or if I'm just noticing it now, but the fake baby voices and accents are outright horrible.


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May 28, 2010
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Overall I think it's been a fairly great return of the show :).

All of the best parts of Young Justice are still there, the complex storyelling, rich tapestry of characters, an engaging and unique take on the DC Universe, the emphasis on young heroes, their development, and relationships. All the stuff people love about the show :cool:.

But I guess if there's been any hiccups is that it feels like the show sometimes takes on too much for it to handle, either when it comes to too many sub-plots, characters, etc. And that also comes at the expense of the cast since the character focus is nowhere near as precise as it was in season 1, so we have tons of new characters introduced but who are lucky to even get any dialogue, let alone characterization.
You forgot one negative. The voice acting is now terrible. I don't know what happened, or if I'm just noticing it now, but the fake baby voices and accents are outright horrible.
Listening to people's issues with the voice acting makes me wonder if anything's really changed with the show on that front.

I mean, most cartoons have to work with a limited voice cast so VA's tend to voice more then one character, and that's been doubly true of Young Justice with the entire swath of characters it has had. I mean, I remember when every major black male character was either Khary Payton or Kevin Michael Richardson.

Is there anything different now? I guess we have a lot more main characters with accents, which are sometimes a hard sell.
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Nov 19, 2011
At this point, this is how I'd rate the seasons:

Young Justice: 10/10

Invasion: 9/10

Outsiders: 8/10 (tentatively)

Look, I'm glad the show is back. I still think it is a very good show. I just don't think it is as good as prior seasons. The decline in the quality of animation is one factor; the voicing of tertiary characters is another. I think the voicing acting of the main cast is good. But, none of these are what drags down my rating. I'm just not as into the characters. Not sure why. But the season is not over yet, so I may yet change my rating.


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Nov 1, 2013

I'm going to be honest I don't like it very much. A part of me is glad its back but all the problems season 2 had seems amplified here(if anyone want me to go in detail just @ me) and the production values are kinda bad here. Not only the animation and CGI took a downgrade but it feels like we only have 6 people as voice actors and it shows a lot in the series(seriously take a shot to see how many times you hear Khary, you will die by alcohol poisoning about a thousand times.)
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