"Young Justice" News & Discussion Thread, Part 33 (Spoilers)


I guess we probably won't see any trailer or a premier date until they've locked in the first thirteen episodes o_O.

I think they had locked about 10 at the time of the SDCC 2018 panel, when the season 3 trailer was unveiled. It did have a shot from episode 13 though (Wolf jumping -- towards Cyborg, who wasn't in the shot).

EDIT: Yojimbo's post above suggests that 7 were locked at the time.

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Look, I am willing to wait until December 2021. Cause, the production on Season 3 was pretty bad on some episodes. Lips not moving with voices clearly speaking. It was pretty shameful. If I pinpoint the episodes, I'Il get back and let you folks know.

I blame it on a rushed schedule for DC UNIVERSE to lauch.
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Minor note but a promo email trying get you to add HBO Max to your DCU annual subscription for just $4.99/month seemingly solidifies that Phantoms comes out in 2021.

If you go by precedent: Outsiders got announced November 7, 2016 and premiered January 4, 2019, if Phantoms was announced July 20, 2019...then I suppose my guess would be September 16, 2021 for the premiere (as we saw with Doom Patrol, season 1 on DCU premiered on a Friday but season 2 on HBO Max premiered on a Thursday hence I went with September 16th over the 17th).
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