"Young Justice" News & Discussion Thread, Part 29 (Spoilers)

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Welcome to the 29th installment of the largest Young Justice discussion thread online!

Series Description: New twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the Team. This series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based upon characters from DC Comics. Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is the executive producer. Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman Doomsday, The Batman) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H.) are the producers.

This thread is for general discussion of the Young Justice animated series and related products (i.e., comics, toys, etc.). Keep it locked at The World's Finest and toonzone News for the latest updates!

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Current Known News By Topic

Season 3
Before Announcement

  1. At least 7 major characters that staff wanted to add to Season 2 that won't be appearing at all because there just wasn't any room for them. So they'll have to be saved for the comic book and/or a potential Season 3 Ask Greg 5/4/12
  2. Would involve another time skip between the last episode of Season 2 and the first of Season 3. Ask Greg 5/15/2012 + Ask Greg 7/16/12
  3. The 12th villain from Young Justice: Legacy will play into Season 3 if the show is renewed ComicsOnline (6:33-6:53) 6/11/12
  4. Interest in incorporating some characters from Wildstorm Comics Ask Greg 7/18/12
  5. Starfire is a character the staff has talked about using GamerFitNation Interview, 8:24-8:28 mark 8/17/12
  6. Season 3 is all worked out very much in advance - the basic storyline and the characters, not exactly what would happen in every episode. Aquaman Shrine Interview 9/27/12
  7. Enough leftover ideas to carry through to a season four. Vietti Tweet 10/14/12
  8. Lots of new surprises and new additions to the cast, including a character created by Jerome Moore Moore deviantArt 3/10/13
  9. More to Madame Xanadu's story than revealed so far Ask Greg 4/12/11
  10. Given enough episodes and/or comic book issues, Cissie Jones will return Ask Greg 8/15/12
  11. Some more on the Green Lanterns and Martians Ask Greg 3/22/13
  12. Plans for some in this list: Vixen, Gypsy, Dr. Light, Fire, and Ice Ask Greg 3/22/13
  13. Producers had specific ideas for Earth-16 version of the Wonder Twins, Zan & Jayna. Ask Greg 4/29/13
  14. Very specific plans for the Martians Ask Greg 8/8/13
  15. Talked a lot about bringing in Onyx Life After Young Justice 1/10/14, 21-31 minute mark
  16. Definitely had plans for Stephanie Brown Life After Young Justice 1/10/14, 21-31 minute mark
  17. Had plans for Ravager Ask Greg 1/30/14
  18. Would have introduced Troia in comic and show Ask Greg 1/30/14
  19. There were plans for the unidentified alien race who sent Tiamat to Earth Ask Greg 1/31/14
  20. Eventual plans for everyone on the original list of 50+ candidates for the Team Ask Greg 3/19/14
  21. Had plans to bring in Arrowette CBC Spotlight Ep 13 3/22/14 (21:46-22:05)
  22. Had plans to bring in Mia Dearden/Speedy CBC Spotlight Ep 13 3/22/14 (21:46-22:05)
  23. Jack Kirby's Fourth World (New Gods, New Genesis, Apokolips) would have been a big element of season 3. TheFlashPodcast 4/26/14 36:12-36:40
  24. There were many great discussions about story possibilities and designs for Mars. Vietti Tweet 6/12/14
  25. Had plans for the Doom Patrol Weisman Tweet 6/29/14
Season 3
After Announcement

  1. Season 3 has been greenlit. Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are returning. "New twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team" synopsis released along with promo poster. There is a yjs3.com site but it is not live yet. CBR 11/7/16
  2. Greg Weisman states he starts at Warner Brothers on Monday, November 14. CB 11/7/16
  3. Greg Weisman states he knew about season 3 for about a week. Weisman Tweet 11/7/16
  4. Greg Weisman confirms they only started arcing the season and voice recording is months away. Weisman Tweet 11/15/16
  5. Greg Weisman reveals only Warner Bros. is currently funding season 3. Ask Greg 11/17/16
  6. Greg Weisman hints Season Three will play off of things from season one, season two, and the comics. Ask Greg 12/12/16
  7. Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti are currently working on stories for season 3. Weisman Tweet 12/15/16
  8. Greg Weisman clarifies season three is not in pre-production yet. Weisman Tweet 12/25/16
  9. Greg Weisman estimates season 3 can't possibly be ready before November 2017 at the earliest. Weisman Tweet 12/27/16
  10. Phil Bourassa works on season 3 at WBA. Miyashiro instagram 1/7/17
  11. Khary Payton confirms he will return CB 2/7/17
  12. Episodes will not be 11 minutes in runtime. Ask Greg 2/13/17
  13. No characters are off limits so far. No character that's been asked to use has been vetoed yet. Ask Greg 2/14/17
  14. Phil Bourassa notes he is working on season 3. Bourassa instagram 2/26/17
  15. Phil Bourassa works on season three at WBA. Miyashiro instagram 3/7/17
  16. Phil Bourassa looked at scripts for season 3 and texted the producers in real time. Bourassa instagram 3/9/17
  17. Greg Weisman reveals he's mostly reading DC Rebirth titles as potential research. Ask Greg 3/13/17
  18. Brandon Vietti posts a photo of stacks of colored index cards at 16:16 PDT. Vietti Tweet 3/16/17
  19. Phil Bourassa works on season three with his Cintiq late into the night. Miyashiro instagram 3/19/17
  20. More and more crewmembers coming aboard almost daily. Ask Greg 4/6/17
  21. Original ideas and some that have morphed in the intervening years are being used. Ask Greg 4/10/17
  22. Khary Payton hints at starting work Payton Tweet 4/11
  23. Season 3 is titled "Outsiders", will air in 2018 on DC Digital Service, The Team "takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy" WF 4/25/17
  24. Weisman and Vietti generate the springboards and break the stories then he writes all the beat outlines. The outlines are then handed off to the writers to go straight to script. Some differences from season one and two was Kevin Hopps' involvement in generating springboards and the writers did the outlines. Ask Greg 5/4
  25. Chris Copeland joined crew as storyboard artist Copeland Instagram 5/31
  26. Alyson Stoner recorded around 11:37 am Stoner Tweet 5/31
  27. 5 episodes recorded as of June 16-18 YJ Wiki Tweet;Nolan North at Awesome Con 6/20
  28. Marina Sirtis will return Sirtis Tweet 7/1
  29. Britt Baron is about to record Elite Daily News 8:55 7/7
  30. Still of the new incarnation of the Team posted: Static, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal, and Beast Boy CBR 7/21
  31. Will be 26 episodes, about 12 are written and the last few haven't been written yet. After early production art from season 1 was shown, slides of the new Team were shown. There were plans to write out a character for the majority of season 3 that suddenly became a major player - even a lead - in the series. Black stealth suits were shown lastly CBR 7/21
  32. So far all or most of the first 10 episodes have been recorded Newsarama 7/21
  33. Artemis Crock, Nightwing, Black Lightning, and Superboy wearing black stealth suits CB 7/21
  34. Cissie King-Jones from season 1 confirmed to be Arrowette and Stephanie Brown from Invasion confirmed to be Spoiler. There are plans for season 4 and season 5 already. CB 7/21
  35. Thirteen's powers are magic like Traci Thirteen in the comics but with a 'Young Justice' twist Newsarama 7/21
  36. There won't be more swearing and gore since the show is streaming. The three act structure of an episode will stay but they're now thinking in terms of not having commercial breaks. First world nations, third world nations, rogue nations, corporations, and aliens will be trying to weaponize the metagene IGN video 7/21
  37. 56 minute recording of SDCC panel Alvarez YT 7/24
  38. There will still be a heavy focus on the core characters from season 1 and 2, some core characters moved from the mentee to mentor position, any person can be kidnapped, experimented on, and trafficked as a weapon, Bash Bashford from the classic Superboy comics will appear, in addition to the next generation of the Team there will be some progeny appearing, and they will up the ante on Fourth World but it may not be what fans are expecting io9 7/25
  39. All black stealth suits connects to where Nightwing's arc left off in Invasion CB 8/2
  40. Weisman and Vietti reiterate "part and parcel of what we always built into this show, is this idea of time passing, characters aging up, and new characters coming in" and "it's a show about generations we have to have new characters coming in." Vietti cites an interesting part of the writer's room was figuring out how these new characters interact with the now older characters CB 8/6
  41. There might be new members of the Team aside from Spoiler, Arrowette, and Thirteen. The Light and Vandal Savage confirmed as Big Bads. DC YT 8/17
  42. 15-16 episodes total have been recorded YJW Tweet 10/31
  43. No footage yet. Greg Tweet 11/24
  44. No finished episodes yet. Greg Tweet 11/24
  45. No finished episodes yet. Greg Tweet 12/23
  46. Will release 4th Quarter 2018. Greg Tweet 12/27
  47. Khary Payton recorded an episode 2 to 3 days ago in mid-January, will be voicing couple new characters, and there are dark storylines ahead, including stories about human lives and slavery. Geek To Me Podcast, 2:24 and 5:15 marks 1/21/18
  48. Brandon Vietti is currently editing animatics for episode 16. Brandon Tweet 2/16/18
  49. Jason Marsden reveals he was in Los Angeles last week recording with Danica McKellar. Jaime Thomason, Greg Weisman, and Brandon Vietti were also present. Marsden insta 2/19
  50. Khary Payton reveals they just recorded episode 26. Toon Barn YouTube 3/6
  51. On April 4, 2018, Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman spent most of the day locking the animatic for episode 3x20. In the middle of the day, they spent about an hour on the first pass picture edit of episode 3x07. They got through less than half of the episode. Ask Greg 4/5
  52. On April 5, 2018, Weisman had a meeting first thing in the morning to look at color backgrounds for episode 3x17. This was followed by Vietti and Weisman reviewing the storyboard for episode 3x23. They were interrupted, so Vietti could give notes on an animation test for 3x10. After, they went over to the Warner Bros. Ranch to meet with their bosses (something they do every other Thursday), then returned and tried to finish reviewing the 3x23 storyboard. Ask Greg 4/5
  53. For April 6, 2018, they are scheduled to review Ink & Paint on episode 3x16, then finish editing 3x07. After lunch, Vietti and Weisman are set to come back and call retakes on 3x07 then give storyboard notes on 3x23 to the episode's director. Ask Greg 4/5
  54. There are still current no episodes that are completely finished and ready for air. All the writing is done. Nearly all the recording is done. There are three straggler actors they need to pick up who were out of town when they last recorded the cast. About 11 episodes are still in some stage of preproduction, and 7 are in post-production. The remaining middle 8 are in the process of being animated in Seoul. Ask Greg 4/5
  55. Weisman and Vietti reviewing storyboard for episode 24 at 10 pm Weisman Tweet 4/14
  56. Last day of recording was May 10 with one last stray actor Weisman Tweet 5/10
  57. Promo art features Tigress, Black Lightning, Superboy, Nightwing and 5 new characters: Katana, ???, ???, ???, and Metamorpho. DC 5/10
  58. Bourassa confirms promo art was from a few months ago. Bourassa instagram 5/13
  59. Bourassa posts unaltered version of the promo art. Bourassa instagram 6/21
  60. June 22 was sound mix day. Vietti Tweet 6/22
  61. Vanessa Marshall will reprise Black Canary DF Tweet 6/26
  62. Black Canary won't have as big a role. There will be complex characters. DF YT 10-12:24 6/26
  63. Releases in 2019. CBR 6/28
  64. New still of Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Thirteen, Static, Wonder Girl, Robin, Spoiler, and Arrowette. CB 6/28
New Characters Unidentified
  1. Hidden WildStorm character Ask Greg 7/18/12
  2. Hidden WildStorm character is in season one Ask Greg 9/3/13
  3. Hidden WildStorm character is a female Ask Greg 5/10/14
New Characters That Never Showed Up
  1. Catwoman Grey DeLisle Tumblr 11/5/12
Cut Storylines/Reworked into Time Skip Ask Greg 3/31/13, Life After YJ 1/10/14, Mary Sue 4/17/15, CBR 3/31/16,
  1. Donna Troy/Troia and Mary Bromfield/Sergeant Marvel were cut from the bridal shower in "Satisfaction" because it would have required four new designs and the crew was stretched too thin.
  2. If Donna and Mary were designed, they would have appeared in "Endgame"
  3. A Red Tornado arc
  4. Lieutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel were originally considered to be on the Team in season 2
  5. A Zatanna arc - a follow up between Zatanna, Zatara, and Dr. Fate
  6. Donna Troy was originally planned to be used in season 1 but at the time, both her and Cassie Sandsmark were on the "can't use" list. By the time Geoff Johns became creative director and cleared them for use, it was too late. The next plan was have Donna cameo in season 2 but was cut for time and design constraints.
  7. Green Lantern arc involving young rookies in the Corp
  8. A musical episode
Young Justice: Invasion and Pitched Earth-16 Comic
Ideas and Unused Storylines

  1. Originally a few more issues were planned before jumping to the Invasion time frame Chris Jones 6/12/12
  2. Will see more of the JSA (and All-Star Squadron) in the comics. Ask Greg 12/9/11
  3. Will be cameos of other JSA members Youtube - DC Nation Panel 3/18/12
  4. Staff has stories in mind for JSA and A-SS WF 10/2/12
  5. The #9-10 arc revisited eventually Ask Greg 2/13/12
  6. Eventually more of Talia Ask Greg 4/16/12
  7. Will see more of Green Arrow and Black Canary's relationship explored in Issue #20-21. Ask Greg 4/16/12
  8. Earth-16 version of the DC Showcase short "Green Arrow" Ask Greg 5/8/12
  9. The Green Arrow, Black Canary, Artemis, Red Arrow story (set after Episode 1x14) was originally planned for 20-21 but will have to wait and will get to it eventually. Ask Greg 6/13/12
  10. Count Vertigo, Merlyn, Henchy, Red Arrow's life as an unwitting mole and the death of Perdita's father also figured into the Green Arrow story. WF Interview 2/19/13
  11. Marvel Family story was planned. WF Chris Jones Interview 9/18/12
  12. Billy Batson's 3 best school friends - Freddy Freeman, Kit Freeman, and Mary Bromfield would have been introduced in the Marvel story. WF Interview 2/19/13
  13. Freddy Freeman is Lieutenant Marvel and Mary Bromfield is Sergeant Marvel. Ask Greg 10/8/13
  14. Captain Marvel's origin story WF Interview 12/16/13
  15. Some more on the Green Lanterns and Martians Ask Greg 3/22/13
  16. Two-Face Nerdy Show Ep. 160
  17. Issue that used an episode of Hello, Megan! as a framing device Nerdy Show Ep. 160
Non-Greenlit Pitches Ask Greg 3/22/13
  1. Season Three
  2. Earth-16 comic book
  3. Animated spin-offs such as one featuring Arsenal and/or the Arrow Family
  4. Black Manta Celebrity Hot Tub shorts
  5. A direct to DVD movie
  6. Brandon Vietti pitched a YJ meets Scooby movie
Production Breakdowns
TZ 3/17/17
The Team Designations Ask Greg 8/28/12
All Designations (except 27, 28, A-06-A-09, B-26) WF 3/12/13
A-06 to A-07 Ask Greg 10/3/14
A-14 Greg Weisman Tweet 11/24/16
A-15 to A-20 Ask Greg 11/21/16

Master Timeline
  1. Weisman's master timeline was at 139 pages Ask Greg 12/3/10
  2. 149 pages Ask Greg 1/28/11
  3. 185 pages Ask Greg 11/18/11
  4. 191 pages KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
  5. 201 pages Ask Greg 9/4/12
  6. 205 pages Ask Greg 10/4/12
  7. Completed at 250 pages (includes, everything from the two seasons, the tie-in comic, the Legacy video game, some back story such as the Golden Age, and some of the characters from the five year gap) Ask Greg 5/17/13
  8. 283 pages Life After Young Justice 1/10/14, 30s minute mark
DC Characters
  1. By Episode 16, 135 DC characters have appeared Ask Greg 8/23/10
  2. By Episode 17, 147 DC characters have appeared Ask Greg 9/3/10
  3. By Episode 24, 174 DC characters have appeared MTV 1/14/11
  4. By Episode 26, 179 total DC characters have appeared. But that includes omitted characters like Catherine Cobert. Ask Greg 2/24/11 + Ask Greg 2/7/12
  5. Season Two, 145 name characters Ask Greg 2/7/12
  6. By Episode 46, 241 total DC characters Newsarama 3/17/12
The Master List - Potential Teen Heroes to join the Team (50-60)
  1. Bombshell Ask Greg 11/10/10
  2. Raven Ask Greg 12/12/11
  3. Cyborg Ask Greg 12/12/11
  4. Starfire Ask Greg 12/12/11
  5. Beast Boy Ask Greg 12/12/11
  6. Supergirl Ask Greg 2/22/12
  7. Wonder Twins Ask Greg 5/1/12
The Master List - Potential Members of The Light (100+)
  1. Count Vertigo Ask Greg 1/16/12
  2. The Joker Ask Greg 1/16/12
  3. Ultra-Humanite Ask Greg 1/16/12
  4. Atomic Skull Ask Greg 1/16/12
  5. Poison Ivy Ask Greg 1/16/12
  6. Black Adam Ask Greg 1/16/12
  7. Wotan Ask Greg 1/16/12 + Ask Greg 4/12/12
  8. Felix Faust Ask Greg 4/12/12
  9. Blackbriar Thorn Ask Greg 4/12/12
  10. Wizard Ask Greg 4/12/12
Characters Off Limits at Start of Series But Not Anymore
  1. 3-4 characters were off limits Life After Young Justice 1/10/14, 21-31 minute mark
  2. Wildstorm imprint Ask Greg 7/18/12
  3. Donna Troy Ask Greg 7/17/12
  4. Cassie Sandsmark Ask Greg 7/17/12

Continuing from Part 28, DC All Access has excerpts from the interviews at Comic-Con:
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I'm glad to know we'll still be getting plenty of stuff to fill out this thread in the foreseeable future :D.


Obey the Pecking Order.
Considering that he's gonna be recasted, does anyone else would approve if
Peter Cullen would voice Vandal Savage in the New Season just to voice Match Ferrer?


Yes, have some.
Staff member
It would be practical in terms of casting and what not if Mae Whitman continued voicing Stephanie Brown.

Hm, Cullen or Purcell would be interesting. Does Purcell do voice acting?


Joker's Henchman
It would be practical in terms of casting and what not if Mae Whitman continued voicing Stephanie Brown.

Hm, Cullen or Purcell would be interesting. Does Purcell do voice acting?

It's been a while since I watched. How different was her Steph voice from her Cassie voice? I imagine it would be odd having two blonde female team members with similar voices


Yes, have some.
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It's been a while since I watched. How different was her Steph voice from her Cassie voice? I imagine it would be odd having two blonde female team members with similar voices
I want to say Steph had a bit more sass but it was so brief. Whitman did voice Helena in Legacy as well.

the greenman

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It would be practical in terms of casting and what not if Mae Whitman continued voicing Stephanie Brown.

Hm, Cullen or Purcell would be interesting. Does Purcell do voice acting?
I think the only credit he has was Prison Break.

EDIT: That is a Prison Break videogame.

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Yeah, I also brought up the possibility that Britt Baron will voice Arrowette in the last thread. She kind of seems like a younger character and Baron seems to have a more youthful voice (but since I'm not really familiar with her work she might be able to do more types of voices).

If they do get Dominic Purcell as Savage's new voice, it would be pretty funny if they also brought back Wentworth Miller as Deathstroke. :p


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I remember Savage mentioned he's a father once, I think during a conversation with Black Manta. Knowing Greg Weisman, he was probably setting up a future story-line from that brief comment.


Yes, have some.
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I remember Savage mentioned he's a father once, I think during a conversation with Black Manta. Knowing Greg Weisman, he was probably setting up a future story-line from that brief comment.
Yes... I think when he introduced Psimon to help repair Kaldur's mind!


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I remember Savage mentioned he's a father once, I think during a conversation with Black Manta. Knowing Greg Weisman, he was probably setting up a future story-line from that brief comment.
If Vandal Savage has been a father once then he has probably been a father many (dozens? hundreds?) times over. Denny O'Neil once suggested that Ra's al Ghul had sired over 400 children (almost all of them daughters--the few sons tended not to survive to adulthood).


Joker's Henchman
Vandal has quite a few children. Including Grendel from Beowulf mythos. Scandal is obviously the most recognized so if they were setting anything up I think it's her that we'll be seeing eventually. I'd like to see an "anti-young justice" team with Scandal, one of Deathstrokes kids, one of Ra's kids, and other fitting villain children.
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