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Yippee Coyote

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Oct 7, 2014
Augusta, MD
Some of the character designs look cute, but the animation itself is horrendous.
They really did scrape bottom of the barrel.
So the finished product really looks that bad
I sort of figured that it wasn’t going to have many revisions. After doing more research I found out the creator happens to have a “style” that is rooted in a cheap, get ‘em done web-animation process


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Jan 5, 2014
Ouch! That was terrible. Bam-Bam is far too dumb and single-minded here and that Stretchasaurus reminds me of Uncle Grandpa, which admittedly is a little funny. I think Pebbles is the only likable thing about this. Though, she looks more like an original character than the actual Pebbles.
It's interesting you mention Uncle Grandpa given how Kevin Michael Richardson did voice work in that series as Mr. Gus.


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I'm so glad that Uncle Grandpa is getting more respect as time goes on.
How come X-Men Evolution aired on Kids' WB instead of Fox Kids, despite...

-WB owning Marvel's rival DC
-Fox showing the preceding cartoon, X-Men(and indeed all Marvel cartoons inbetween those two not counting UPN's Hulk and the syndicated Fantastic Four/Iron Man)
-The show coming off the heels of the X-Men movie... made by Fox