Worst song you've ever heard?

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Dec 3, 2017
United States
I think there was a thread for this way back in 2004, but after hearing a specific song last night, I knew I had to bring it back.

I was at work yesterday and the song "Blah Blah Blah" by Armin van Buuren came on, and oh my gosh, it is so bad. It's the same four sentences repeated like 18 times over the span of three minutes. It honestly sounds like a little kid wrote the song as a rebellion anthem against their teachers/parents, but as far as I know, the song is aimed at adults. I just was dumbfounded how many times the same exact lyrics were sung over and over and over and over-

So, that's my spiel. What do you guys think? Is there a song you have in mind that you just can't stand listening to?


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Oct 5, 2014
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Austin, Texas
Turn it Down for what?

This song has absolutely nothing to listen to, the lyrics are just repetitive, and it seems like a never ending question to bother people to listen to listen to loud music and answer it, so the song can be repeated over and over again. I can't detect an identity of this song or any point where it has great point.
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May 21, 2017
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There's a lot of awful ones I've heard. Here’s the worst (in no order). The artists in bold have other songs that I like.
  • Camilla Cabelo - Havana
  • Anne Marie - Friends
  • Rihanna - Work
  • Drake - In My Feelings/God’s Plan
  • Meghan Trainor - No
  • Clean Bandit - Rockabye
  • Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry
  • Justin Bieber - Sorry
  • Maroon 5 - Girls Like You
  • Tiao Cruz - Dynamite
  • Cardi B - I Like It
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
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Jul 23, 2008
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Torture Time.

OK, I don't think it's that bad. But it is bad. Bad enough to make you diss on Friday if you listen to it too long.
I had forgotten about this song until you posted it. I tried listening and man, it's worse than I remember.

"Photograph" by Nickelback. I know Nickelback is an easy target, but they deserve the hate, and this song in particular is wretched. The opening line of the song is delivered is sung so terribly that I'm shocked enough people listened past it to make the song a hit.

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Jan 19, 2004
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Remember Jim and Karen on The Office?

She tries to steal his chair and he sings "Love me love me, say that you love me."

She says "Please don't, I'll have that song stuck in my head all day." And he keeps singing anyways which leads her to say the true statement, "This is not a proportionate response."

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