"Wonder Woman" Week - Favorite Wonder Woman designs, voice actors from the DCUAOM animated movies?

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The big screen live-action Wonder Woman movie hits theatres this Friday, June 2, so there's no better time to discuss the Amazon's amazing adventures in animation! Every day a new animation-themed topic will be posted focused on the beloved heroine, so check back and share your thoughts! And the adventure continued with ...

Wonder Woman has not only had her own animated feature as part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, but has appeared in quite a few others. What are your favorite Wonder Woman character designs and voice actors used in the animated movies?

Discuss away!

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May 28, 2010
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Sticking specifically with the animated movies:

I really loved Wonder Woman's design in her Lauren Montgomery directed solo movie. Diana's strength, her regal demeanor, her beauty, as well as her humanity, all essential elements of Wonder Woman, are all well-conveyed in it :D.

Her design in Crisis on Two Earth's and Doom were also pretty good :).

Her design in A New Frontier, while based on Darwyne Cooke's design, was also pretty stellar in a classic kind of way ;).

As far as VA's, I think Wonder Woman has had many great voices attached to her over the course of the Animated Feature Line :anime:.

Obviously Susan Eisenberg stands out because of her prior noteworthy and definitive DCAU tenure as Diana, but I also felt Keri Russel delivered a great performance in the solo movie and Vanessa Marshall did a great job in Crisis on Two Earths :cool:.

I also feel Rosario Dawson has done a solid job with what she's been given in Wonder Woman's appearances in the in-continuity DC Animated movies, and who can't love Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman in A New Frontier :proud:?
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Mar 8, 2009
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I don't really have a favorite design or voice actress for Wonder Woman. I have enjoyed all the different takes on the movies have offered so far. If I had to pick only one, I guess the version from her solo animated feature stands out the most, both in terms of design and voice acting.

The Flashpoint Paradox version also looked pretty cool. So did the retro design from The New Frontier. If alternate dimensions count, I really liked the redheaded Wonder Woman from Gods and Monsters. I don't think it counts as a DC Universe Animated Original Movie, but I also liked how she looked in Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time.

The Wonder Woman design from the New 52 Animated movies is decent. I don't care much for her outfit, but she looks pretty good and her voice actresses (so far) sound fine to me.


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